Kate Winslet & Allison Janney Share An Unexpected Kiss At The 2017 Hollywood Film Awards — WATCH!

kate allison lick hollywood awards

Talk about an A-list girl-on-girl smooch!

On Sunday, Kate Winslet was respected during a 2017 Hollywood Film Awards with a prestigious Hollywood Actress Award. However, a dusk took a surprisingly erotic spin when a Titanic alum exchanged a lick with Allison Janney. So how did this all go down??

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Well, let us tell you…

Before even gracing a stage, Kate was introduced by her Divergent costar Shailene Woodley. Upon usurpation a award, a 42-year-old noted:

“Thank you, Shai. Thank we so many for those smashing words. I’m unequivocally unapproachable to be subsequent to we on this stage. Thank we for your grace, your firmness and your pleasing words.”

Rather than make a impulse about herself, Winslet motionless to regard a other implausible women in a audience. She continued:

“What a good room this is to be in tonight, filled with so many achievements and such absolute creativity. I’m deeply elegant of this acknowledgement, during a time when a voices of artists play such an critical purpose in storytelling and pulling boundaries, and that feels required today—more than ever before, we think.”

Awwwww. But a Wonder Wheel singer didn’t stop there as she combined that “one of a many rewarding things about this job” is “the event to work alongside implausible actors.” After applauding her peers, Kate gave a special scream out to a West Wing vet.

Winslet gushed:

“Allison Janney is in this room. Allison, we know we don’t unequivocally know you, though we only wish to be you. we do. Or only cadence we or something. we mean, we could always kiss, maybe.”

The Mom artist speedy a lick idea by entertaining from her seat. Allison afterwards popped adult and rushed a stage. Before locking lips, Kate quipped:

“Oh, it’s gonna happen. Quick, quick, quick! This is an sparkling moment, isn’t it?”

HIGHlarious! Be certain to watch a impulse for yourself (below).

Janney had another impulse on theatre when she was presented with a Hollywood Supporting Actress Award for her purpose in I, Tonya. Looks like it’s a good time to be Allison. LOLz!

[Image around Hollywood Awards/Twitter.]

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