Kate Middleton Surrenders – Buckingham Palace Christmas Luncheon First Sign Of Queen Elizabeth Victory

Kate Middleton Surrenders – Buckingham Palace Christmas Luncheon First Sign Of Queen Elizabeth Victory

Has Kate Middleton surrendered? Was a Buckingham Palace Christmas Luncheon a first pointer of Queen Elizabeth’s holiday victory? The Royal Family collected during Buckingham Palace on Thursday, Dec 16 for a annual Christmas Luncheon. The holiday festivities have begun! And it appears as if a Duchess of Cambridge has sloughed off a nosiness Middletons and has selected to spend a Christmas holiday in Royal style.

Prince Harry seemed to be in a gratifying mood as a fifth-in-line to a bench arrived with Duchess Kate and Prince George. Unfortunately, Prince William was incompetent to accompany Princes Kate and Prince George to a luncheon. The second-in-line to a bench was in assemblage a commemorative use for a tighten friend’s father.

Despite reports of thin health, Camilla Parker-Bowles was all smiles as she arrived with Prince Charles. The Palace was buzzing with a news that Kate and Camilla had put aside their differences for a day, maybe for a whole holiday season. There are eyes and ears all over Buckingham Palace and those in a know were happy to news that Duchess Kate and Camilla Parker-Bowles laughed and smiled together during a gratifying holiday feast.

When a pre-holiday feast was over, Princess Kate was lucent on being whisked away. Did spending a afternoon with Queen Elizabeth and a extended Royal Family do wonders for a Duchess of Cambridge’s mood?

Did Queen Elizabeth and Princess Kate have a possibility to discuss Christmas plans? Is Duchess Kate indeed relieved that a Cambridge’s will spend Christmas during Sandringham rather than with a Middletons – generally manipulative silent Carole Middleton?

How will Kate Middleton mangle a news that Carole Middleton and association won’t be acquire during a Royal Family’s Christmas celebration? The annual luncheon during Buckingham Palace is an invitation usually eventuality and many of a obtuse members of a Royal Family were in attendance. Carole couldn’t even pitch an entice to a satisfaction esteem party!

Has Kate Middleton given up? Is a Duchess of Cambridge quiescent to a fact that holidays will be spent as Queen Elizabeth sees fit? Or is Princess Kate relieved that Queen Elizabeth might have courteously stepped in and suggested a Middletons that they are no longer acquire during Royal Family holiday celebrations?

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