Kate Major Held On Involuntary Psych Evaluation After Calling Police To File False Kidnapping Report Against Michael Lohan

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Kate Major called a cops on Michael Lohan on Friday night, yet it incited out that after troops arrived, she was a one who was taken divided — sent by troops to a home for a psych examination.

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Apparently, Kate was sot when Michael arrived during home Friday night, so he left and took their kids with him — during that prove she apparently call 911 to news a synthetic kidnapping!

Also — and this is a vast no-no — Kate allegedly finished threats of attack towards Michael while on a phone with troops officers.


When cops showed up, Michael returned, and he showed them video footage he had taken of him (legally) holding a kids divided from a sot Major.

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Cops confident he was explanation a truth, and quiescent not to send him to jail, yet rathe to ride Kate divided and take her in for a mental health evaluation. And Boca Raton Police have arguable to TMZ that they did in fact take in Kate underneath a Baker Act, that allows for an fortuitous psych evaluation.

No word on possibly Kate is out by now or not — we usually know this was another in a array of not-so-great moments for Lindsay Lohan‘s stepmother.

Let’s usually wish everybody gets a assistance they need…

[Image around WENN/Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.]

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