Kate Major Forced Into Rehab After Posting Bail For Thanksgiving Day Airplane Attack

Kate Major Forced Into Rehab After Posting Bail For Thanksgiving Day Airplane Attack

Kate Major was forced to go directly to rehab on posting bail after a drunken Thanksgiving day aeroplane brawl landed her in jail. It turns out that Kate was on a JetBlue moody to Los Angeles with a vigilant to check herself into rehab anyway when she landed in shackles instead.

According to mixed reports and declare accounts, Michael Lohan’s disloyal mother had been celebration in a airfield loll before to boarding a moody and presumably had a few too many before takeoff.

Major was seen arguing with a newcomer about leg room when she was listened yelling obscenities during another newcomer and even allegedly threatened to “slit her throat.”

Flight attendants attempted to ease Kate Major down and even changed her to another area of a aeroplane where she could be watched. The visibly dipsomaniac Major didn’t ease down and instead asked for some-more booze.

When a moody attendant refused to offer Kate, who was described as being visibly drunk, things got unequivocally ugly. Major afterwards took out her dungeon phone and started recording a moody attendant while perfectionist her drink.

According to reports, when that didn’t work, Kate threw her phone and attempted to conflict a moody attendant. It was afterwards that a commander motionless to belligerent a craft in New Orleans while airfield military private Major from a cross-country moody and placed her in military custody.

After a prolonged holiday weekend in custody, Major was expelled currently on $25k bail. She was systematic to give adult her pass and conduct true for a Los Angeles rehab core as creatively planned.

Kate was charged with interfering with a moody crew, a transgression that could land a star in sovereign jail for anywhere from several months to several years. If Kate Major knows what’s best for her, she’ll stay in that diagnosis trickery and do all she can to come out a other side solemn and with a intense report.

The whole reason Kate was headed to rehab in a initial place was so she could try and gain behind control of her dual tiny children, Landon, 2 and Logan, 11 months she shares with Michael Lohan.