Kat McNamara: Premiering New Song ‘Ember’ In ‘Shadowhunters’ Season Finale

It’s not any day that we have your initial unaccompanied opening on your strike TV show, yet that’s accurately what’s duty to Katherine McNamara on Aug. 14. She told us all about her aria ‘Ember’ debuting on a ‘Shadowhunters’ finale!


Is there ANYTHING this lady can’t do? Katherine McNamara, 21, vacant onto a working theatre with her purpose as Clary Fairchild in a strike show Shadowhunters on Freeform, and now she’s holding it a step offer and adding singing to her resume! The vast opening is duty in a many ideal proceed possible… during a Shadowhunters mellow perfection on Aug. 14! Kat told HollywoodLife.com that “if we listen carefully, we have an bizarre aria that’s premiering in a episode,” Kat revealed. Click here for pics of Shadowhunters.


“This is my initial genuine unaccompanied that’s my possess intrusion into music, and it’s somewhere in a finale.” Though Katherine couldn’t give divided a accurate incentive that you’ll hear it, she was happy to tell us all about a aria itself. “It’s called ‘Ember.’ we didn’t write it for Shadowhunters, yet we wrote it after we shot mellow 1 and it usually so happens that it fits into a expose musically. The ease was fervent partially by a characters in a story and also some of a things that have happened in my life.”

Judging by Kat’s explanation, it’s unequivocally going to be exhilarated and magical. “It’s about those moments in a life when we doubt ourselves, yet inside of all of that there’s always this tiny spark of hope, this tiny bit of heat still blazing in a stays that is prepared to reignite,” she explained. “My aria is about that prove of re-ignition.” We can’t wait to hear it! Make certain to change in to Shadowhunters on Freeform during 8pm on Aug. 14.

HollywoodLifers, are we intense to hear Kat sing in a finale? Let us know!

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