Kanye West Sex Tape: Rapper Paying Millions To Hide Kim Kardashian Lookalike Movie?

Kanye West Sex Tape: Rapper Paying Millions To Hide Kim Kardashian Lookalike Movie?

Kanye West allegedly has a sex fasten with a teen who looks a lot like his mother Kim Kardashian and a rapper has paid millions to keep a film private. Apparently, when a film was creatively shopped around, many offers were done though Kanye didn’t wish a film to see a light of day given he was frightened it competence hurt his career.

The 20 notation sex fasten featuring Kanye West and a most younger Kim Kardashian lookalike was reported by Radar Online. According to a report, West done a fasten before to when he and Kim started dating in 2012. Kanye’s partner in a film is pronounced to have been usually 18 years aged and a passed ringer for Kardashian.

There are also claims that “a Hollywood businessman who brokered other sex tapes with celebrities successfully negotiated a deal.” We can usually suppose who that competence be. Although it has never been reported who was perplexing to get a Kanye sex fasten released, it’s a flattering protected gamble that Vivid Entertainment was concerned in some way. They are a adult film association behind Kim Kardashian’s career boosting sex fasten with Ray J. Vivid also rubbed a “Love Hip Hop Atlanta” fasten with Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith.

A sex fasten wouldn’t expected hurt Kanye West’s image. His mouth does a flattering good pursuit of that. Besides, Kanye’s mother Kim Kardashian built her whole career and that of her family off a sex fasten she done with Ray J. It’s distant some-more expected that West doesn’t wish a fasten leaked given if Kim saw it, she would never pardon him. Kanye knows how he feels about Kim’s sex fasten and he’s so supportive about it that no one in his round is even authorised to move it up.

It’s no tip that Kanye has been in adore with Kim given approach before they started dating. West even rhymed about his captivate to Kardashian in a 2009 recover “Knock You Down.” West has even talked about how it took 9 years for him to spin Kim from crony into relationship. Now that he’s vital with his dream girl, Kanye would unequivocally cite that a sex fasten he done with a feign chronicle of Kardashian never gets noticed again and he’ll compensate a lot of income to make certain that is what happens.

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