Kanye West: No More Exclusive Streaming For Me!

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Sounds like this could be good for song fans!

Breaking this afternoon, new reports are out that Kanye West is austere about never again doing any disdainful releases or streaming deals with one service, and it’s all a product of his fall-out with Tidal and JAY-Z, as we’ve been stating progressing today.

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According to sources with “knowledge of a conflict” between Kanye and Tidal, it appears that Yeezy is austere about NEVER again entering into an disdainful manuscript recover or streaming contract, since he doesn’t wish to extent entrance to his song like that.

Whenever ‘Ye does recover new song — and gossip has it that could be flattering soon — a Life Of Pablo artist wants it on as many streaming platforms and song services as possible, so that as many people as probable can listen to it.

One teenager problem: TMZ reports that amid his quarrel with Tidal right now, Kanye might “face probable authorised movement if he goes to another streaming service.”

That’ll have to be worked out by a lawyers depending on specific denunciation in Yeezy’s contract, though one thing appears to be sure: Kanye is finished with exclusives and wants his song prepared for a masses!

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That’ll be good for a fans, no?!

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