Kane Responds To Brock Lesnar Arm Wrestling Rumor, Talks Braun Strowman’s WWE Future

Source: The Ross Report

Recently on The Ross Report, ‘Good Ol’ JR’ Jim Ross welcomed to a module maestro wrestling maestro Glenn Jabobs – that’s got to be Kane. Among many other things, Kane discussed a intensity of a stream series one contender for a WWE Universal Championship, Braun Strowman. Also, Kane addressed rumors about violence stream WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, in an arm wrestling match.

According to Kane, Strowman will be a “big star” in WWE. ‘The Big Red Monster’ claimed that ‘The Monster Among Men’ started out unequivocally green, though he has a certain opinion and has finished a good pursuit removing into ring shape.

“I consider he’s doing good and we determine with [Ross that Strowman can be a subsequent large thing in WWE]. we consider he’s going to be a large star. we was articulate to people currently that were only articulate about him and a thing about it was, when he initial came up, he was unequivocally immature and hadn’t been in a [professional wrestling] business unequivocally long. He came from a strongman background. He has mislaid like 50 lbs. or some-more than that given he came along with WWE, so suppose how large he was before since he’s huge now! He [has] finished a good pursuit of removing himself into ring shape. And, we mean, he [has] got it all. And we determine with [Ross]. we consider he’s going to be a large star.”

Kane added, “he [has] got a good opinion as good and often, unfortunately, that’s people’s biggest rivalry is when we don’t have a good attitude, though you’ve got all a other gifts, we ain’t going to go nowhere. But he does have a good attitude. we consider he’s going to go somewhere.”

Also during a show, Kane addressed a longstanding gossip that he once bested Lesnar in an arm wrestling match. Kane explained that he once had an unpretentious weightlifting foe with ‘The Beast Incarnate’ and that conditions gave arise to a gossip of a arm wrestling match. 

“Years and years ago, Brock and we were during a gym during a same time and we were throwing around some critical weight. And we didn’t unequivocally have a weightlifting challenge, though we were throwing around some critical weight.” Kane continued, “Brock was tender and he gets on it and we were relating any other flattering well. But yeah, I’ve listened that story and it [has] morphed into several incarnations, so yeah, no, there was never an arm wrestling compare since cave is still intact, so there we go.”

You can listen to a podcast here. If we use any of a quotes from this article, greatfully credit The Ross Report with an H/T to WrestlingINC for a transcription.

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