Kammara Sambhavam teaser: Dileep, Siddharth set a theatre for a absolute duration drama

Kammara Sambhavam teaser starring dileep and SiddharthKammara Sambhavam teaser starring dileep and Siddharth Kammara Sambhavam outlines a entrance of Siddharth in Malayalam.

“No male is alive to punish us,” says a credentials voice in a newly denounced Kammara Sambhavam trailer. “There is,” says another voice with Dileep walking in delayed suit with swagger. With absolute song and visuals, a teaser sets a theatre for an heated play between Siddharth and Dileep. The teaser takes us by a opposite constituent characters — Namitha Pramod, Bobby Simha, Murali Gopy, Siddharth and of march Dileep in his 3 avatars. The Ramaleela actor is seen as a 90-year-old, in a imperishable bearded demeanour and also in a demeanour where he brandishes a greys with ferocity. Taking a 3 looks into consideration, a story should request a tour of Kammaran Nambyar, Dileep’s impression in a film.

Siddharth, on a other hand, seems to be personification a member of a Indian Independence League (IIL) that was one of a critical domestic organisations that played a vital purpose in a rebel opposite a British Raj in India. In an progressing poster, we got to know a name of his impression Othenan Nambiar. What is a equation between Kammaran and Othenan Nambiar? In an denote of a scattered history, Othenan says “Kammaran Nambiar, we accommodate again,” in a impulse that reminds us of James Bond. Are they disloyal leisure fighters? Where does Bobby Simhaa underline in this story? What is a punish against? As a teaser should, we are left with several questions.

Kammara Sambhavam outlines a entrance of Siddharth in Malayalam. The film is helmed by executive Ratheesh Ambat and is created by Murali Gopy. The bill of a film is pegged during Rs 20 crore and is bankrolled by writer Gokulam Gopalan.

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