Justin Timberlake: Slapped By Fan After Celebrity Golfing Tournament — Watch

Ouch! Justin Timberlake got a large warn from a fan on Jul 23 — a slap to a face! The thespian was during a golf contest when an overzealous witness chose to get all adult in JT’s grill. Click here to see a video of a uncanny incident.

Justin Timberlake, 35, was attending the American Century Celebrity Pro-Am in Lake Tahoe, walking by a crowd, minding his possess business, when a palm came out of nowhere and smacked him right opposite a face! And, understandably, Justin didn’t like it.

“Why would we do that?” JT incited around and yelled before walking off. Tournament confidence was seen articulate to a consider afterward, yet a event’s reps pronounced they saw it as a teenager incident, according to TMZ. Justin left though a symbol on him, and chose not to press charges opposite a man.

Sheriff’s deputies attempted to chaperon a consider off a golf course, though he insisted that he only wanted to “touch” a thespian and got a small carried divided — so he wasn’t gonna leave. Uh, can we say, “awkward”? The male seemed intoxicated, became martial and military eventually arrested him for unfinished conduct, TMZ reported.

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We have to say, a “Can’t Stop The Feeling” thespian unequivocally took this TOTALLY weird conditions in stride. He didn’t turn aroused or assertive himself. He walked divided after being pounded and we definitely think that was a right move. Violence perpetuates violence, doesn’t it? Of march we would have also asked, “Why would we do that?” Because, honestly, because would we do that???

We only hatred to see fans consider it’s their right invade celebrities’ personal space and incidents like this need to stop. Luckily, this was clearly a teenager one. But, no one wants to see a dear JT get slapped.

HollywoodLifers, what do we consider of how Justin rubbed this weird situation?