Justin Bieber’s Ridiculous Neighbor Finally Settled That Egging Lawsuit From 2014

Justin Bieber is finally out from underneath a lawsuit that has lasted roughly FIVE YEARS!

Remember waaaaaaaay behind in 2014 when a Biebs got in all that difficulty for egging his neighbor’s house? Well he was never charged with a transgression — as was apparently probable when it happened — though he HAS been tied adult in justice for it ever since!

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The neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, finally staid with a Biebs for an undisclosed final fortitude that effectively ends a ongoing lawsuit, once and for all, according to TMZ.

And while terms of a allotment were misleading — we don’t know how most a Biebs paid Schwartz to only give it a ruin up, already — we do know that Justin had formerly paid Schwartz upwards of $80,000 in compensation for presumably ruining some fancy, costly Italian plaster.

Rich people!!!

Schwartz after filed this lawsuit for — get this — emotional distress and loss of income. WTF?!

It dragged by a courts for years, and years, and years, though now it’s finally over, and a Biebs is out from underneath all this gossipy, annoying abounding chairman stupidity.

Good! It’s about damn time…

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