Justin Bieber Confirms He’s In A New Relationship — But Is It With Selena Gomez Again?

Are they or aren’t they? Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had a unequivocally fervent charge over a years. However, a thespian suggested in a new speak that he’s currently in a relationship — is he behind with Selena again?

Justin Bieber, 21, is relocating on from Selena Gomez, 23. Or is he? The thespian uninterrupted adult about his charge station and suggested he’s indeed dating someone! However, around a same time this speak was conducted, Justin was seen unused out with Selena. Was he confusing to cover up his charge with a 23-year-old by mindful he’s mindful someone new?

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When asked about comparing destiny family to a one he had with Selena, a 21-year-old didn’t diffident divided from clear about his on-again, off-again ex-girlfriend. “Yeah. You get scarred from certain things. Even like—I’m kind of mindful this girl, right? I’m diffident about doing or mindful certain things, and thereafter we contend it and it’s not even a problem,” Justin told Complex. “And I’ll remember when we couldn’t…. You’re usually scarred and we don’t do something given in your final charge they’d uncanny out, yet [the new authority is] usually like, ‘What are we clear about?’” This is where it gets interesting.

On a day this speak with Justin was conducted, the Complex repository author annals that he met with a thespian during a Montage Hotel when he got his wisdom teeth taken out on Jul 11. The same day he was seen with Selena unused out by a pool during a hotel. It’s unequivocally odd for Justin to contend in a speak that he’s “kind of mindful this girl” when he was spotted with Selena around a same time!

Selena Talks About Getting Back Together With Justin

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Selena and Justin may have hermetic a pathway on their past relationship, yet that doesn’t meant they can’t open it again! While discussing her relationship with a “What Do You Mean?” singer with Elle magazineSelena was blatantly asked possibly or not she’d ever get behind with her ex. “I don’t know!” she laughed as she answered that question. That answer totally says it all! Does that meant that during some prove in a future Jelena will be behind together?! The “Same Old Love” thespian did contend she respects her ex! Guess we’ll usually have to wait and see!

What do we think, HollywoodLifers? Was Justin clear about his charge with Selena?

— Michelle Phi