Justin Bieber Accused of Groping Playboy Bunny Sarah Harris: Bailey Scarlett Claims Drugged by Biebs’ Entourage

Justin Bieber Accused of Groping Playboy Bunny Sarah Harris: Bailey Scarlett Claims Drugged by Biebs' Entourage

Justin Bieber claims he is altered man, and has incited over a new root – however this week women are entrance out of a woodwork and accusing him of groping them, derisive them, and even drugging them. First, Justin Bieber and his companion Kylie Jenner got kicked out of a Playboy Mansion for groping one of Hugh Heffner’s bunnies! Playboy Bunny Sarah Harris went on an Australian radio uncover to tell all, and suggested that during a Midsummer Night Dream celebration in Los Angeles, she was groped by a “What DO You Mean” singer.

Sarah Harris dished in her radio interview, “He grabbed my boob! And it was my present greeting to only backhand him opposite a face.” Sarah went on to contend that there was a outrageous scene, and confidence wound adult tossing Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner out of a party. Apparently, Kylie Jenner threw a fit – since no one turns down a Biebs boob-groping! Kylie competence only be a best wing-woman ever.

Ironically, a same week that Sarah Harris suggested Justin Bieber groped her, another indication came brazen and indicted Biebs’ environment of drugging her during his celebration on Sunday Sep 27 during Ginger Recording Studio – and afterwards creation a finish hoax of her. Bailey Scarlett sat down for a tell-all talk and suggested that after holding a few drinks during a celebration she became drunken and disoriented. Justin comforted her during first, afterwards he incited on her and began shouting that she only had “Bieber Fever.”

Things are not looking good for Biebs right now, in his invulnerability a infancy of amicable media has come to a end that both Bailey Scarlett and Sarah Harris are looking for courtesy and creation adult their unfortunate encounters with Justin. Do we consider that Justin is being framed by fame-hungry girls? Or is he a sum jerk? Let us know what we consider in a comments below!