Justin Bieber Accused By Australian Model Bailey Scarlett Of Drugging Her Drink — Report

Did Justin Bieber and his organization get adult to no good while amusement down under? Bailey Scarlett, an Australian model, has reportedly indicted Justin and his sourroundings of allegedly spiking her dash while she hung out with them in a Melbourne studio!

Uh-oh. Bailey Scarlett, an 18-year-old Australian model, is no longer a Belieber. While amusement with Justin Bieber, 21, and his crew, Bailey claimed she felt “numb,” “incoherent,” and unsafe! Bailey has reportedly indicted Justin and his organization of slipping her drugs when she wasn’t looking!

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These are some vicious accusations against a Biebs. Bailey reportedly digested Justin and his organization during a recording studio in Melbourne on Sept. 27, according to TMZ. In a Facebook post, that she has now deleted, Bailey claimed Justin had allegedly requested “a wreath of ‘hot’ girls/models to go hang out with him.” Before Bailey took her Facebook post down, her report was saved by a Bieber fan. See it below.

Bailey was reportedly one of a girls and when she got there, her phone was allegedly taken from her before to her supposed introduction to Justin. She was reportedly thereafter told to have a drink. After she reportedly poured herself a vodka and lemonade, Bailey claimed she set her refreshment down to pronounce with a other models before allegedly doing a shot with Justin. After a reported second drink, Bailey claims she was feeling “overly sot and not right during all.” Her forecast was allegedly “ridiculously blurred” and she claimed her “lips, hands and toes felt numb.”

She reportedly erupt into tears given it was so scary! Justin allegedly sat down with Bailey and attempted to palliate her down, reportedly explanation her that she was carrying a “panic attack.” Bailey reportedly claims that Justin allegedly told her that no one had unperceiving her and that she had hold “Bieber Fever.”

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Bailey’s boyfriend, Tekauri Hurst, reportedly came to collect her adult and allegedly called a authorities once Bailey’s condition got worse. Melbourne law duress tells TMZ that they responded to a call during a studio’s plcae over a reported drugging. She was suggested to news a incident. Bailey claims she went to both St. Vincent’s and Royal Melbourne Hospital, and she says she was allegedly denied a drug examination during both facilities. At this point, TMZ claims she has nonetheless to record a troops report.

The owners of a studio, Jimi Wyatt, tells TMZ that they reviewed a footage. Bailey’s void was reportedly perceptible a whole time and it was reportedly never touched. HollywoodLife.com has reached out to both Scarlett and Justin’s reps for a critique on this. We will remodel we when we get offer information.

What do we cruise about Bailey allegations that Justin’s sourroundings reportedly unperceiving her drink, HollywoodLifers?

— Jason Brow