Justin Baldoni and Pregnant Wife Are Ready for Daughter’s Adjustment to Baby: ‘We Have to Be Okay’ with This Phase

Justin Baldoni and mother Emily‘s home is already full of adore — though they’re prepared for more.

As a integrate prepares to acquire their second child, they’re also focused on assisting their 2-year-old daughter Maiya prepared for her new purpose as large sister.

“We are envisioning that Maiya’s going to spin an extraordinary large sister who is so nurturing and caring,” Justin, 33, tells PEOPLE while sharing a details of his son’s new Target-designed nursery.

Regardless, a integrate admits there are “some fears” about their changing family dynamic. “One is like, ‘How am we ever going to be means to adore this small child as many as we adore Maiya?’ ” Emily explains. “I know it’s a common fear and it’s very, unequivocally real.”

“As many relatives say, your heart usually expands and your adore is there and we tumble in adore all over again,” she continues, “but before we knowledge that, there’s a fear of, ‘Oh my gosh, how am we going to tumble in adore with this small quadruped like we have with Maiya?’ ”

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Additionally, Emily says that she and her Jane a Virgin star father have schooled a few “tips and tools” about how to make Maiya “feel like this baby is her baby.”

“Of course, there’s also fear in me that she is going to feel neglected,” she admits. “Because she’s been a usually child for over dual years now and all of a sudden, here’s this small baby.”

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Emily continues, “We have to be fine with her going by that transformation, and we feel in my tummy that she’s going to hoop this role beautifully. She’s a small nurturer, she’s unequivocally generous, she’s unequivocally loving. we consider she’s going to be an extraordinary large sister, though we have to concede however prolonged she takes to get used to this.”

And small Maiya is positively curious. “We’ve unequivocally talked to her a lot about a swell and the baby’s in a belly, and it’s her small brother,” a second-time mom-to-be shares.

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As Emily’s due date approaches, Justin says a integrate has focused on being “completely present” during their final days as a family of three – notwithstanding pell-mell schedules.

“Obviously, my pursuit as Emily’s father is to support her on her birth plan, and this home birth and removing things ready,” says Justin. “It’s usually unequivocally severe and overwhelming.”

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“I consider it’s critical to speak about because, generally, we review articles like this and it’s unequivocally lovable — ‘Oh, we adore a nursery’ and, ‘Oh, we’re unequivocally happy’ and, ‘Oh, life is beautiful’ — but in reality, all of us are frightened out of a minds, we’re stressed, things are crazy,” he adds. “We’re reckoning this out like everybody else.”

One categorical thing they’re still reckoning out? Baby child Baldoni’s name. “We’re going to wait to see him and get a feeling for who he is,” says Emily. “That’s what we did with Maiya as well, since they unequivocally do come into this universe with their possess hint and celebrity … We’re going to wait to usually accommodate him first.”