Julia Roberts Divorce: Danny Moder Moves Out, Kiefer Sutherland Supporting Ex-Fiance?

Julia Roberts Divorce: Danny Moder Moves Out, Kiefer Sutherland Supporting Ex-Fiance?

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have been on a verge of a divorce for over a year now. It’s no tip that their 13 year matrimony has been on a fritz for utterly a while. Although Julia and Danny haven’t reliable their arriving split, everyone’s suspicions were accurate when Danny didn’t attend a wake of Julia’s mom with her this summer. Julia isn’t accurately ravaged by her matrimony exploding – she has been reportedly spending a lot of time with her ex-boyfriend Kiefer Sutherland and great on his shoulder.

For those of we who don’t remember, prolonged before Danny Moder came along, Julia was intent to marry Kiefer Sutherland in a early 1990s. However, during a final minute, they called off a matrimony and Julia ran off with Kiefer’s best-friend. After transfer him roughly during a tabernacle and hooking adult with his pal, no one ever approaching Sutherland to pardon Julia. But time apparently heals all wounds – and Kiefer and Julia have been spending time together again.

An inside source dished to OK! Magazine, “Julia has been pouring her heart out to Kiefer. He is assisting her forget about her matrimony troubles.” The source goes on to contend that Julia’s “marriage troubles” are some-more serious than ever. Julia and Danny reportedly “can’t mount vital together,” and Moder changed out of their Malibu Estate in Sep 2015. And, sources contend they are gearing adult for their divorce – and have already listed dual of their properties for sale, a Hawaiian Bungalow and a NYC apartment.

Now that Kiefer Sutherland is behind in a picture, it looks like Julia and Danny are rushing by their divorce and finalizing their break-up. Do we consider that Julia Roberts will breeze adult behind in a attribute with her 90’s fiancé? Could she indeed already be hooking adult with Kiefer, and that is because Danny Moder changed out? Let us know what we consider in a comments below!

Image credit to FameFlynet