Josh Duhamel: “I’m Totally Going To Be That Dad”


During a Monday coming on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Transformers: The Last Knight star Josh Duhamel non-stop adult about family life with wife, Grammy Award-winning thespian Fergie, and their 3-year-old son Axl.

“I consider threes are a small bit some-more severe than twos,” he pronounced of parenting a preschooler. “He’s a good kid, though he’s all boy, man…He’s awesome.”

And he can’t wait to start coaching his son’s sports teams.

“I’m totally going to be that dad,” he shared. “I’ll be a father on a sidelines coaching. You learn how to win and remove and be on a team. He doesn’t need to be a veteran athlete, though he should learn how to be on a group and contest since that’s what a genuine universe is about.”

It sounds like their darling son has utterly a imagination.

“He’s all about scary stories, holding sticks from a park and branch them into stuff,” pronounced a Safe Haven actor. “I mean, we literally have a raise of sticks during a house. We could have a hulk bonfire during any moment. To him, they’re something. He doesn’t wish to go anywhere but them since to him they’re possibly a sword or a sorcery wand or whatever.”

Since DeGeneres gave Duhamel, 44, a shaft for his Dumb Dumber costume when he came on a show, Axl has motionless it’s his sorcery wand.

“He’s totally taken over,” a actor shared. “He’s all boy! we unequivocally don’t know what else to say.”

Parenting has been a high training bend for a A-listers.

“We make a lot of controversial parenting decisions, we think. we have no thought what I’m doing half a time,” he joked. “She’s really some-more developed than we am and some-more patient. But we feel like, carrying a child when we was 40-years-old is most opposite than carrying a child during 22. I’m a small bit some-more mature than we was then. I’m only doing a best we can and perplexing not to screw him adult for life.”



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