Jon Gosselin Ready To Prove He’s Not A ‘Deadbeat’ Dad Amid Custody Battle With Kate

Jon Gosselin’s ill of being portrayed as a limb by ex Kate, and he’s doing all he can to set a record straight! We scholastic exclusively all he wants is to see his kids, yet he doesn’t have a income Kate has!

Since their 2009 divorce, Kate Gosselin, 42, hasn’t detailed her ex-husband Jon Gosselin, 40, in a best light — and clamp versa. But Jon is finally starting to mountain adult for himself — and it’s all for his kids! Jon and Kate share 8 children together: twins Madelyn and Cara, 16, and 13-year-old sextuplets AadenAlexisCollinHannahJoel and Leah, and in Jon’s mind, he doesn’t see a youngsters perceptibly enough. But apparently that’s simply given he doesn’t have a same kind of income his ex has. Click here to see pics of a Gosselin kids thereafter now.


“Jon and Kate’s control dispute is raging, and it’s not approaching to palliate down any time soon,” a source tie to Jon told EXCLUSIVELY. “Kate loves to govern Jon as some kind of deadbeat dad, yet that’s unquestionably not fair, he loves his children with all his heart, he usually doesn’t have anywhere circuitously a income that Kate has to be means to recompense for a organisation of tip lawyers. And, basically, all is a argue with Kate — she won’t give Jon an in. unless he gets a warn on chateau to proceed it for him.” The couple’s latest control troubles have endangered Hannah, as she reportedly no longer wants to live with her mom anymore.

In fact, a police were called during twin control exchanges this month when Hannah refused to leave her father to go home with Kate. Now, Jon is confusing to argue for some-more control privileges not usually with Hannah yet with all of a sextuplets. “It’s exhausting, and financially damaging, and it’s resulted in Jon spending a lot rebate time with a kids than he would like,” a insider explained. “He doesn’t have a vast imagination chateau like Kate, or an dear formula new car, yet that doesn’t meant he doesn’t venerate a kids, given he does, and he wishes some-more than anything that he could spend some-more time with them.”

Now that a kids are stealing older, Jon hopes they’ll have some-more of a contend in that progenitor they wish to see more. “Hannah is 13 now, and Jon feels she’s during an age where she is aged adequate to endorse for herself whom she wants to live with,” a source added. “But there is no proceed on earth Kate is going to give in and let Jon have anything yet a huge, drawn-out and greatly dear certified dispute first.” Yikes!

“It should be famous Jon has been aggressively and relentlessly fighting for his kids,” a existence star’s lawyer, Kristen Doleva-Lecher, told E! News last week. “Jon is dismantled by new events yet will not be derailed in his efforts to do what is right.” Clearly and progenitor is going down yet a fight.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — do we cruise Jon and Kate consequence equal control of their 8 kids?

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