John Oliver Spoils Megyn Kelly’s Daytime Debut By Reminding Us Of All The Nutterball Shit She Said During Her Fox News Days!

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Well, it’s official. Megyn Kelly is now an easy, breezy, APOLITICAL daytime speak uncover host!

The publisher done her Today Show entrance on Monday, creation it transparent she was pivoting from politics to tellurian seductiveness pieces.

For a past few weeks, NBC‘s promotional debate has touted a Megyn Kelly Today horde as a “unifying force” in a time of amicable and domestic divisiveness.

Video: Megyn Admits Trump Influenced Her Decision To Leave Fox!

But John Oliver is here to remind us about a years before Kelly was perplexing to be a bonus Oprah Winfrey, behind when she was a Fox News anchor pulling a network’s divisive agenda.

On Sunday, Last Week Tonight aired a low-light tilt display some of Kelly’s many Fox News-y moments from her years on a wire news channel — and many of those comments about religion, Black Lives Matter, and white Santa would NOT fly over during NBC!

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

Sadly, a new, non-political daytime Kelly wasn’t most of an improvement, according to viewers on Twitter.

Standing organisation that she would NOT be deliberating Donald Trump, a TV celebrity kicked off her entrance hour deliberating a genocide of her father, afterwards giving an awkwardly unbending speak with a Will Grace cast.

Those who witnessed a entrance part pronounced it left most to be preferred — and utterly a few viewers done it transparent they would most rather balance in to NBC’s Tamron Hall over a former domestic pundit:

Will YOU be tuning in to Megyn Kelly Today?

[Image around Fox News/NBC.]

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