John Krasinski Got an Unexpected, Hilarious Singing Lesson from 18-Month-Old Daughter Violet

John Krasinski‘s younger child already has an ear for music — and even he is removing schooled.

The 38-year-old actor seemed on The Ellen Degeneres Show, where he spoke about being father to his dual daughters with wife Emily BluntViolet, 18 months, and Hazel, 4 this week.

“They’re amazing. They’re so most fun,” he pronounced of a girls. “I feel like each time people speak about their kids on this, people are like, ‘We all have kids, ugh.’ But they’re amazing, and they’re geniuses.”

Krasinski afterwards tells a waggish story about Violet, explaining that he was singing a strain while perplexing to perform her on a stormy day. “There’s this strain for kids that goes, ‘Rolly polly, rolly polly,’ ” he explains before branch to a assembly and joking, “You guys don’t know it? Oh, that’s weird.”

“And all of a remarkable Violet, who is 18 months, goes, ‘Yeah, baby,’ ” The Office alum continues, dropping to a reduce octave. “That deep! And we was like, ‘Emily, initial of all, has she listened a strain before? Second of all, what was that?’ And she’s like, ‘I have no idea.’ ”

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John Krasinski on Ellen DeGeneres

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Both relatives were left in a dim for 3 days on a matter, until they started listening to a strain in a car.

“At a finish of a song, this man only comes in and goes, ‘Yeah, baby,’ ” Krasinski says. “And I’m not kidding, she looked at me like, ‘Are we good?’ That’s what that was. Like, ‘Dad, we don’t get me already.’ ”

John Krasinski and Emily Blunt

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It seems that Krasinski is happy to listen to his daughters, especially when it comes to his facial hair. He was rocking a brave during his coming on a speak show, that he creatively grew out for his new film A Quiet Place, a new thriller that he also destined and stars in alongside Blunt, 34.

“They adore it,” a actor pronounced of his daughters’ opinion on the beard. “I suspicion they’d be terrified, though when we shaved it after a movie — in a movie, we have a beard — my 3-year-old said, ‘What happened to a beard?’ we said, ‘I shaved it. It’s so smooth, we can hold it.’ She went, ‘Put it back.’ ”

Although Krasinski joked “I’m not a LEGO guy, we can’t only snap it back,” he clearly took her advice.