John Cena Gets Blasted With Slime To Close Out Kids’ Choice Awards

John Cena hosted a Kids’ Choice Awards on Mar. 11 and we usually knew he was going to get slimed. Get a waggish dip on a Nickelodeon classical impulse here!

You totally sealed adult for this, John! WWE luminary John Cena, 39, was a horde during this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday, Mar. 11, and he valid he was some-more than diversion with some jokes and even perceived a ultimate Nickelodeon sign of approval. He got slimed!

At a really finish of a show, John took core theatre on house a hulk platform, that featured levers he could lift to mist muck on a whole crowd. The fun was on him, though, as a immature things afterwards poured all over him, too! Of course, he took it like a champ before observant his goodbyes after a epic hosting gig!

Although a cameras didn’t vessel to John’s partner and associate WWE star Nikki Bella, 33, we can suppose she was in hysterics as her male got positively lonesome in slime. His outfit was really busted after that! The throng of youngsters totally desired it, too. John was not a usually muck plant of a night by any stretch, possibly — Demi Lovato, Kevin Hart and some-more also got some-more than their satisfactory share of muck dumped on them!

Click here to see some-more pics of John Cena Nikki Bella!

John did a good pursuit hosting a KCAs, opening a uncover by doing what wrestlers do best — ripping his garments off, of course! He nude down out of his tux into a shorts and flesh tank combo to flog things off, and a throng was immediately enormous up. John done several appearances onstage via a telecast, even holding on Nick Cannon in a dance-off during one point. He won, too! Overall, we were entirely impressed!

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