JoAnna Garcia Swisher on a Time Kevin Hart (and His Entourage!) Came to Her Rescue: ‘I Was a Full-Blown Hot Mess’

JoAnna Garcia Swisher is a seasoned primogenitor of dual now, though there was a time she was only training a ropes — including how to transport with an infant.

The Kevin (Probably) Saves a World star sat down with PEOPLE’s Celeb Parents Get Real recently, pity that after she had only welcomed now-4-year-old daughter Emerson “Emme” Jay, she perceived some much-appreciated assistance from a famous face.

“I was in a airport, going by security, and things were not going well,” explains Garcia Swisher, 38. “I was in a full persperate … we couldn’t get a automobile chair by security, we had no boots on, Emme was losing her mind. we was only a full-blown prohibited mess.”

“I demeanour up, and Kevin Hart and all of his environment were holding my automobile chair off of a confidence belt, putting it on a floor, putting my boots on my feet,” a singer recalls. “It was a really honeyed moment. we didn’t know who he was during a time, though we knew that everybody around me was super vehement about him.”

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“I was like, ‘God, that man was my hero. He’s got a nicest people that he travels with. Who is he?’ It was Kevin Hart,” Garcia Swisher adds.

The Once Upon a Time star also shares 16-month-old daughter Sailor Stevie with father Nick Swisher — and admits she misses one large thing about life before apropos a parent: “an unconstrained supply of naps during any given moment.”

“I do skip my naps,” she says. “At work, I’ll close all a lights off. I’ll tell a P.A. outside, ‘I just need to sleep for 15 minutes,’ and she’s like, ‘No one’s entrance to your trailer.’ ”

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The apple doesn’t tumble distant from a tree where Emerson is concerned. Garcia Swisher admits that her comparison daughter takes after her in some of a phrases she throws around.

“When Emme says something’s ‘unacceptable’ or unpleasant — she’s like, ‘Mommy that’s so unacceptable, isn’t it?’ And I’m like, ‘That’s me,’ ” a singer says.

Other ways her girls take after her? Emme’s dancing and Sailor’s “side-eye,” though there’s room for a few of Dad’s traits to perceptible too. “The other day, Emme exhibited a tiny form of highway rage,” shares Garcia Swisher. “She was like, ‘Are we teasing me, guy?!’ And we thought, ‘That’s my husband.’ “