JJ Abrams Explains His ‘Star Wars’ “Boys Things” Comment

Mere weeks before a Dec 18 recover of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, JJ Abrams caused a teenager conflict Monday when, during an entrance on Good Morning America, he seemed to contend that he considers Star Wars radically for boys. “Star Wars was always about … it was always a boys thing and a film that dads take their sons to,” Abrams said. “And yet that’s still unequivocally many a case, we was unequivocally anticipating that this could be a film that mothers can take their daughters to as well. So I’m looking brazen to kids saying this film and to saying themselves in it, and saying that they’re means of doing what they could never suppose was possible.”

Unsurprisingly, a critique didn’t go over unequivocally well, and Abrams has viewed some extreme critique from a large zone of geekdom. Today, however, as a expel and organisation of The Force Awakens conducted a QA on Twitter, a film’s executive and co-writer was means to explain things a bit. When asked about a remarks, bashed himself for being “stupid” and explained that he indeed meant to contend a accurate opposite:

Given a bid Disney and Abrams have done to put together a many different expel as any Star Wars film has had, that reason indeed creates a lot some-more sense, quite as Daisy Ridley’s Rey appears to be, notwithstanding importance on co-star John Boyega in marketing, a film’s protagonist and core of a story in many a same approach Luke was a core of a strange Star Wars. And it jibes with large trainer of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy’s meditative as well, as she pronounced during a QA when asked about being a purpose indication for other women essay to mangle into Hollywood.

But, vocalization of Ridley’s character, to explain because we consider she’s radically a Luke of a new trilogy would need me to acknowledge that I’m entirely review adult on all a spoiler-leaks that have done their approach online, and we won’t do that. But we will let Harrison Ford do some of a work for me. Joining Abrams in maybe misspeaking a bit, Ford — when asked what his favorite movement stage in a film is — suggested something that hasn’t been featured in any of a film’s marketing. You competence wish to stop reading now if we don’t wish to know.