Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Fun At Oscars Mix-Up: ‘Clyde Threw Bonnie Under The Bus’ — Watch

Jimmy Kimmel hilariously teased Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty — a stars of ‘Bonnie Clyde’ — for their impasse in a biggest gaffe in Oscars story when he gave a play-by-play of how ‘La La Land’ was announced as Best Picture instead of ‘Moonlight.’

It’s a good thing that Jimmy Kimmel, 49, has his possess late night speak show, since it gave him a ideal height to explain what a heck happened during a 2017 Oscars on Feb. 26. You know, a day Jimmy hosted a show during that a biggest difficulty in a story of a Academy Awards occurred. NBD.

The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host spent a improved partial of his opening digression on Feb. 27 describing in fact what happened a prior night when a wrong film was announced as a leader of Best Picture. Jimmy started by display a shave of Bonnie Clyde stars Warren Beatty, 79, and Faye Dunaway, 76, presenting a endowment — incorrectly.

“See what Warren did there?” Jimmy pronounced when he forked out that Warren had hesitated before he handed a pouch that suggested a leader to Faye. “He was confused, so he let her review a winner. In other words, Clyde threw Bonnie underneath a bus. we have to be honest … it’s one of a slickest moves I’ve ever seen. So Faye Dunaway announces La La Land as best picture. Which done clarity — it was a favorite to win. So a La La Land producers get adult on stage, and a few of them — Jordan Horowitz, Marc Platt and Fred Burger — gave speeches. So now we am sitting in a assembly examination a speeches. The devise is for me to finish a uncover from a audience, subsequent to Matt Damon, who — make no mistake — whatever difficulty there was about who won? Matt Damon lost. He was a loser. He is a loser.”

“But we’re sitting there, and we notice some turmoil going on, and Matt says, ‘I consider we listened a theatre manager contend they got a leader wrong,’ that is unusual, though we figure, well, a horde will go onstage and transparent this up. And afterwards we remember, oh I’m a host,” Jimmy pronounced hilariously.

Jimmy also done it transparent to a assembly and viewers during home that he in no approach had a palm in a ordeal. “As we walked off stage, people started to assume that maybe we was pulling a prank. Which, trust me, if we had pulled a antic in that situation, we wouldn’t have only had a wrong winner’s name in a pouch when they non-stop it. There would have been a Bed Bath  Beyond banking inside. It was not a prank. And by a way, a producers of La La Land were really gracious, on theatre and off. They rubbed it really well. It was a really gentle control arrangement. They didn’t even ask for visitation or anything.”

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Jimmy also pronounced “when we do a uncover like this, we aren’t only a host, you’re also a lead detective, a policeman of a show,” and that’s because he asked Warren some some-more questions after a Oscars wrapped up.

“For whatever reason, they have dual of any envelope,” Jimmy said. “There’s a unchanging pouch and a backup envelope, only to make it some-more confusing. The accountants gave Warren a wrong card, and they apologized for it today. So it wasn’t Warren Beatty’s fault. And Faye Dunaway, she done utterly a getaway.  She review a wrong name and split. She got a ruin out of there.” So, seems like Bonnie might have indeed thrown Clyde under a bus!

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