Jimmy Kimmel Declares “Trump Free Tuesday” For Tonight’s ‘JKL’

CBS’ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert is going live tonight to cover President Donald Trump’s residence to a corner event of Congress, with a assistance of former Obama White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. But over during ABC, Jimmy Kimmel has only announced a “Trump Free Tuesday” for Jimmy Kimmel Live!

With many of a past dual years dominated by Trump talk, Kimmel announced a much-needed mangle from deliberating a boss and his administration — during slightest for one night.

That won’t be tough to accomplish, what with tonight’s uncover including Chris Pratt debuting a trailer for his arriving sequel Guardians of a Galaxy Vol 2, as good as guest Catherine Zeta-Jones from FX’s Feud, NBA All-Star James Harden and song from Hank “The Hawk” Knutley.