Jim Carrey Claims Cathriona White Used Body Waxing To Frame Him For Herpes In New Lawsuit!

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Jim Carrey is fighting back. Hard.

In box we hadn’t heard, a Dumb Dumber star is being sued by late ex-girlfriend Cathriona White‘s mother, Brigid Sweetman, and widower, Mark Burton.

In their wrongful genocide suit, they explain Carrey gave White mixed STDs and pennyless adult with her, causing her to commit suicide.

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Now a comedian is removing serious, filing a cross-complaint opposite everybody involved.

In a singular open matter on a matter on Twitter, Carrey wrote:

In this suit, Carrey is claiming White extorted income out of him in 2013 by framing him for giving her herpes.

In a complaint, created by Carrey’s counsel Raymond Boucher, a comic says she already had herpes when they met though that she done it seem like it was new after a “wax job” caused “irritation and bumps underneath her arms and in her vaginal area” — and she took photos as evidence.

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Carrey after got behind together with White, who he says he believed was only being manipulated by her counsel and her therapist.

In fact, a censure accuses those who assured her to make claims opposite a comedian in a initial place for her death!

Boucher writes:

“While Cat seemed happy for a many partial during a weeks heading adult to her death, she was nonetheless impeded by her mother’s birthday message, by a anniversary of her father’s death, and quite by a weight and shame of her before claims opposite Jim and how deeply that had mistreat him. The control of Cross-Defendants in aiding and facilitating her before claims and a approach snag and impact on her lawyer’s traffic of a co-habitation agreement was a approach and authorised outcome of her critical mental and romantic distress, causing damage and mistreat to Ms. White and meaningfully contributed to her holding her possess life.”

Carrey is suing everybody for pragmatic indemnification and Fillipo Marchino and The X Law Group, who represented White in 2013, for extortion.

He is seeking for sum estimable indemnity, dividend of fault, and analogous grant — in other difference he’s observant a justice should find that they’re unequivocally a ones to blame.


What do YOU consider of this defense??

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