Jim Bob Duggar: Compulsive Shopper & "High Class Hoarder" (Exclusive)

If we watch Counting On online, thereafter you’re no doubt attentive that Jim Bob Duggar is a deeply monk masculine who binds a array of frequency argumentative beliefs.

As we’ve reported in a past, Jim Bob’s views have frequently brought him into brawl with his sons-in-law, yet there are certain core beliefs that a whole family binds dear.

Or claims to, anyway …

Jim Bob Duggar Eye Roll

Despite building a generously renouned media empire, successfully running for a Arkansas State Senate, and rising vast business ventures including churned used vehicle dealerships, Jim Bob has enlarged accursed a blind bureau of income and a enthusiasm that he feels is primitive in American culture.

But those closest to a father of 19 explain that Jim Bob isn’t accurately practicing what he preaches when it comes to a output and coveting of component goods.

A source who was once tie with several members of a Duggar family tells The Hollywood Gossip exclusively that Jim Bob spends frivolously and amasses ability during an intolerable rate.

“Jim Bob has a lot of income in property,” a source conspicuous in response to a doubt about since Jim Bob is frequently cash-poor.

“And he buys stuff, junk. He goes to these auctions and comes behind with truckloads of chairs, and usually whatever.”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar: NOT Divorced!

“He’s a high-class hoarder, we think,” a insider concluded.

As for since Michelle Duggar doesn’t happen when her husband’s spending veers into brazen territory, a insider says there’s tiny she can do:

“A lot of a time her hands are tied, being a mild lady she’s pretended to be,” says a source.

Our tipster adds that Jim Bob’s unchanging bureau of resources intermittently brings him into brawl with neighbors and inner authorities:

“Jim Bob will amass cars somewhere until someone complains, thereafter he’ll pierce them somewhere else until a conflicting authority complains,” says the source.

“He has a lot of codes that he breaks – putting in plumbing, and water, and sewer. He usually goes about and does what he wants to do.

Michelle, Jim Bob Duggar Photo

“Jim Bob unquestionably acts like he’s above a law,” a insider adds, mindful that as a emissary in circuitously Springville, Arkansas, son John David Duggar finds himself in a challenging position.

“There are certain things [John David] can’t get endangered with,” a source adds.

“He kind of lets Jim Bob know how apart he can offshoot a law.”

Of course, all of this finagling and teen sequence defilement stems from Jim Bob’s clearly gluttonous need to raise his government and line his pockets.

It seems there’s a endless volume of irony in a situation, as Jim Bob’s compulsive spending habits and undeviating increase of his business interests have caused him to widespread himself too thin, indeed critical his station within a Tontitown community.

“He sum his tiny bit of income that he has – that isn’t an awful lot of income – lets him usually do whatever he wants,” a source says.

Jim Bob and Michelle Today

“He doesn’t have a lot of money. He’s got a lot of income invested in property, things that he’s confusing to flip, throws a lot of income into things,” a insider adds, citing a box in that Jim Bob purchased a home for 3 times a value as a new instance of his brazen investing.

What’s many troublesome to fans of a Duggar family, however, isn’t Jim Bob’s ardent investments, or even a laws that he breaks in bureau of wealth, yet a fact that his placement on income and station seems to fly in a face of a beliefs he espouses.

“He swears he doesn’t follow that dollar, yet he unequivocally does,” says a insider, adding that Jim Bob has put himself in a challenging position by years of critical over his means:

“If he wasn’t always chasing that dollar, we don’t know how he’d make it.”

The duggars in 2004

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