Jillian Harris Reveals She Suffered Crippling Depression Early on in Pregnancy

Jillian Harris never illusory pregnancy could be anything though blithe — until she found herself battling her approach by her initial trimester with her second child.

The former Bachelorette star — who announced on Thursday that she and fiancé Justin Pasutto will be welcoming a sibling for 20-month-old son Leo George in Oct — suggested in an talk with Today that she suffered basin early on in her pregnancy.

“Pregnancy is ostensible to be such a happy time … though we was only so tired and ill that we wasn’t happy,” Harris, 38, told Today.

The unknown feelings, she says, came as a warn following an easy pregnancy with her firstborn.

“My pregnancy with Leo was a breeze,” explains Harris, a horde of Love It or List It, Too. “Women would say, ‘How do we feel?’ And we would say, ‘I feel wonderful!’ And they would say, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so lucky.’ And we would think, ‘What’s a alternative?’ And now we know.”

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The mom-to-be found herself incompetent to do daily tasks around a residence and found herself ripped between a crippling effects of her basin and being there for her toddler son.

“I wasn’t doing laundry. we wasn’t showering. we wasn’t doing anything. we wanted to be a good mom to Leo and we wanted to take caring of a baby inside of me and we could hardly do that,” she explains.

“I was only so physically ill and my physique felt like it was shutting down. we wasn’t means to do anything we customarily do. we felt so useless.”

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Pasutto picked adult on his partner’s romantic state and stepped in, though notwithstanding his efforts, a review left Harris in tears.

“At one indicate , he was like, ‘I know you’re struggling, though if there is any approach we could give me an denote that you’re happy, we would adore to only see we smile,’ ” recalls a former existence star. “I looked during him and only started crying.”

Now in her second trimester, Harris says a basin has upheld and she is feeling like herself again. But a trusting star knows there are others who aren’t as advantageous and spend their pregnancies battling a drum coaster of emotions.

“I kept praying it would pass and I’m so beholden that it has,” she says. “But there are women who knowledge these emotions their whole pregnancy.”