‘Jill And Jessa: Counting On’ Recap: Josh Duggar’s Family Tearfully Relives His Scandal

The Duggars are behind and they’ve brought a drama. On their new special, Jill and Jessa Duggar put it all out there for fans and suggested what life has been like given their hermit Josh’s sex scandals.

The Duggars have returned, reduction Josh. On Dec. 13, the former 19 Kids and Counting stars Jessa and Jill Duggar kicked off their possess three-part special on TLC, Jill Jessa: Counting On, with a initial episode. Amidst celebrating babies and large moves, the girls used their special to share their romantic practice in a arise of their brother’s scandals going public. It was intense.

A lot has altered given we final saw a Duggar family on TV. Jill and her father Derick Dillard not usually welcomed their initial child together, Israel, though now their small family is prepared for a whole new journey. They’ve motionless to take partial in a mission outing to Central America — where they will spend a subsequent year. Because of a assault that is function there, it’s a dangerous pierce for Jill and Derek, though he announced that it is their loyal calling.

As for Jessa, she and her father Ben Seewald are awaiting their initial gold of fun together. In this episode, we see a fad they’re experiencing as they ready for their newborn’s arrival. Before a baby was innate on Nov. 5, Jessa and Ben admitted that they kept their baby’s gender tip until a birth. Although a family didn’t know they were expecting a boy, they had a lot of fun immersion Jessa and Ben with gifts and assisting them ready in any approach they could.

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While the girls have copiousness to celebrate, they couldn’t get by their special though deliberating their hermit Josh. Jill and Jessa were suggested in Jun to be victims of Josh’s molestation scandal when he was a teen, and it was an occurrence that both girls found formidable to pronounce out about. “Everybody creates their possess decisions and everybody creates their possess choices though they’re not a usually ones that humour a consequences,” Jill tells a camera. “We unequivocally had to work by it because, as a victim, you’ve already worked by that and dealt with it. And we don’t wish it burnished in your face all a time.”

It was clearly tough for Jill and Jessa to be so open, but they eventually wanted to stress how most a conditions brought their family closer and done their faith even stronger. They also gave their siblings Jeremiah, Jinger, John-David, Joseph, Joy-Anna, and Jana a possibility to pronounce about it, that made their indicate even clearer. With all Jill, Jessa, and their siblings all said, Jill epitomised it flawlessly. “Going brazen we will come out of this fire, so to speak, stronger as a family unit.”

HollywoodLifers — what did we consider about a initial partial of Jill and Jessa’s special? Will we be examination a second partial on Dec. 20? Sound off below!