Jessie J Wants People To STOP Comparing Her To Jenna Dewan!

Damn. Jessie J is NOT happy over these comparisons to Jenna Dewan!

When a news initial strike that Channing Tatum had found complacency with a cocktail star, many couldn’t assistance though indicate out a dual looked a lot alike.

Ourselves included.

Why? Because it’s inneresting. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it says Channing has a type. Who knows? Seems like a satisfactory regard to us.

But Jessie has been observant something else online. Something really upsetting to her: people observant one or a other is prettier — and even fighting about it!

The Bang Bang thespian took to Instagram on Friday to post her thoughts, saying:

“…there is a story we have seen be rewritten over and over again in a past few weeks that talks about myself compared directly to another pleasing lady per a looks and people picking who they consider is prettier…

Is picking who is prettier and afterwards stability to contend because a good activity for women to attend in? No.

…I am so unhappy and broke that my name is even involved. It’s not something we mount for, during all. we don’t take stories like this lightly. Because we know a kind of impact it has on younger girls reading it.”

We don’t know about other outlets, though a nonconsensual beauty competition was positively NEVER a intention.

But we also have seen fans plead a comparison in a disastrous way Jessie is discussing.

And as sickening as Jessie finds it all, she has a good suspicion on how to pierce forward:

“I am a lady that supports ALL women. we am a lady that loves ALL women and will not mount sensitively when a media is training immature girls to constantly review one another. Or to collect who they consider is prettier.

We are all BEAUTIFUL. We are adequate only a approach we are. Be a best you!!! You can’t arise adult and be anyone though YOU. So greatfully adore your face, your body, your mind and your heart. Be good to yourself. And to those around you.”

See her full comments (below):


A post common by J E S S we E . J (@jessiej) on Nov 16, 2018 during 12:18pm PST

We totally determine with a view about amatory yourself and only being a best you.

But we have to ask a question: is only observant dual celebrities demeanour comparison cryptic on a own? Does it inherently lead to a kind of 0 sum diversion Jessie is describing?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

[Image via Judy Eddy/WENN.]