Jesse Williams’ Custody Battle

There’s an nauseous control conflict brewing between Jesse Williams and Aryn Drake-Lee.

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 36, and his disloyal mother are fighting over their dual children — daughter Sadie, 3, and son Maceo, 2.

According to E! News, a genuine estate profession has petitioned for full control of their dual children.

Drake-Lee claims Williams has been absent due to his “busy and indeterminate work report as a celebrity.”

But a actor’s authorised group called Drake-Lee’s declaration “riddled with fabrications, misstatements and mischaracterizations.”

“Despite Aryn’s claims via her Declaration, we am equally able of caring for [our dual kids],” a Grey’s star wrote in documents. “I have always played a consistent and poignant purpose in their lives. we have been to their medical appointments, propagandize events and extracurricular activities.”

He added: “I am in my 9th year on Grey’s Anatomy. The structure and final of my work report are a same as they were when we were married and when motionless to have a smashing children. Working full time did not keep me from being a doting primogenitor afterwards and it should not now.”

In response, Drake-Lee’s profession spoke out and shielded her client.

“It is a contrition that Mr. Williams chose to place a children and his family’s transition in a open domain,” Jill Hersh pronounced in a statement. “Aryn has been operative tirelessly to say Mr. Williams’ bond with their children and it is critical to remember that his biased allegations are done with a specific idea in mind. The decider is entirely sensitive on both sides and will be creation a final decision.”

Williams claims that his ex “refuses to promulgate with me about a children. Aryn is unilaterally parenting a children but any submit from me. Her marginalizing of me as their father is deeply disconcerting.”

The span – who were wed in L.A. in Sep 2012 – initial met when Williams was a propagandize clergyman in New York City.

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