Jersey Shore’s Deena Cortese Gets Mom Shamed

Jersey Shore‘s Deena Cortese became a new mom only days ago. The existence star and her father Chris Buckner welcomed a son named “CJ” on Jan 5. The new mom gushed on Instagram writing, “I never suspicion i could adore Chris anymore than i did until i saw him reason CJ.”

The new mom perceived recoil from supporters when Cortese took a pic of her son documenting a staggering impulse when she put CJ in a automobile to take him home from a hospital.

But don’t design a Jersey Shore star to lay behind and take a behind chair to criticism. Cortese dismissed behind during a comments environment a record straight.

“It’s not a jacket… it’s a onesie and sanatorium authorized it. We’re not ideal yet we got this. Thank we for a concerns,” Cortese wrote referring to “CJ’s” outfit.

Going home 💙 ( it’s not a coupler .. it’s a onesie and sanatorium authorized it ) we’re not ideal yet we got this 👌🏼 appreciate we for a concerns 😘

A post common by Deena (@deenanicolemtv) on Jan 7, 2019 during 1:38pm PST

Experts advise relatives that winter coats ragged while in a automobile chair can leave a straps lax that can discredit your child’s safety.

Even after Cortese came to her possess invulnerability and simplified her son’s outfit follower’s still had some oppressive difference to share with a existence star.

“The baby doesn’t fit in his automobile chair with that fleece snowsuit and a strap is waaaay too loose. Sorry we don’t wish people’s babies to die,” wrote one person. Added another: “That’s not a f—king onesie. Lmao.” A third explained, “Some of us here are perplexing to assistance her and offer LIFE SAVING ADVICE.”

Even yet Cortese has gifted her initial sip of mommy critique right out of a embankment a new mom did accept some good wishes from her Jersey Shore family. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi wrote on a MTV personality’s post, “HE IS SO PERFECT! Welcome to a mommy bar mawma!”

We purify adult good ❤️

A post common by Deena (@deenanicolemtv) on Dec 1, 2018 during 6:19pm PST

Cortese and Buckner tied a tangle in Oct 2017. Cortese told Us in Apr that married life suits her saying, “I adore being married. we got really lucky. we don’t know how we found him.”