Jersey Shore: See a First Look during a Reunion Special!

Can we trust that it’s been 5 whole years given we final saw any new footage from Jersey Shore?

Sure, we’ve been retaining adult with several of a ban members in that time — we know all about The Situation’s certified trouble and Snooki and J-Woww’s family life.

Snooki and JWoww in 2017

But 0 can examination to what goes down when that special, special organization of people get together for a summer in Seaside Heights.

It was usually such an iconic incentive in American history, we know?

Like, many people can tell we accurately where they were and what they were doing a incentive they found out that Snooki got arrested for being sot on a beach.


But while Jersey Shore signified such a special time in existence television, that time has passed.

Still, that doesn’t meant we can’t revisit a magic!

The Jersey Shore Ladies Reunite

On Aug 20th — so soon! — E! is airing a special called Road Trip Reunion: Return to a Jersey Shore.

In a special, Snooki, The Situation, J-Woww, Pauly D, and Sammi Sweetheart will amass together to take a highway tour down to their aged stomping grounds.

Which means that Ronnie, Deena, and Vinny won’t be there — and Angelina, obviously.

Their scarcity will be noticeable, we’re sure, yet with Snooki there, we can’t unquestionably go wrong.

And, as we can see in this formula new footage from a special, there’s excess of play to go around.

In a clip, we see The Situation lift adult to a chateau with Snooki in a visitor chair — an enchanting move, concern their story — and Pauly D curtsy them.

“Cabs here!” The Sitch yells, usually like a good aged days.

Pauly, increase his heart, thereafter takes some time to beg a GTL lifestyle and what that looks like in 2017.

Pauly D Hair Photo

If you’re curious, he has an in-home gym, he obscurity tans instead of stealing in a tanning bed, and he sends his soaking out to have someone else do it for him.

He also discusses his iconic hairstyle, which, in box we haven’t noticed, hasn’t altered a bit.

The play comes when Pauly goes to accost his former co-stars. He’s usually as happy as ever, and we see him giving The Situation a hug.

But then, in one of those exemplary existence expose moments, Sitch explains to a camera that “Pauly D was my child in a house,” yet “it’s been 5 years, we haven’t spoken.”

It’s going down! You can usually smell that good ol’ Jersey Shore play a-brewin’, can’t you?!

Check out a transformation in a video below:

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