Jennifer Lopez’s Sexy Contour With Glasses — Expert Tips On Makeup With Glasses

Jennifer Lopez Glasses

Jennifer Lopez done eyeglasses a red runner estimable appendage in NYC on Oct 19, when she wore her cat support eyeglasses with contoured skin, a bare mouth and neutral eye makeup. Get consultant tips for wearing makeup with eyeglasses like Jennifer Lopez.

If you’ve ever struggled to figure out a best approach to wear makeup with glasses, demeanour no serve given Jennifer Lopez only showed a ideal demeanour that can only as simply be ragged for a night out as it can be ragged to a office. Learn all of a tricks for creation a many of your eye makeup when wearing eyeglasses with consultant tips from makeup artist Lisa Eldridge.

JLo totally switched adult her beauty demeanour during a premiere of Rock The Kasbah, by wearing glasses. Her makeup artist Renny Vasquez combined a look, that enclosed classical contoured skin that done her cheekbones and jawlines standout alongside her structured cat eye frames, and neutral cheeks and lips. You can request your bottom as usual, solely around a nose where your eyeglasses sit, “The reduction substructure we put on that area, a better,” Lisa pronounced of avoiding eyeglasses indents. She recommends covering a rest of your face, afterwards regulating a additional around a nose to equivocate over-applying.

How we govern your eye makeup will mostly count on either you’re farsighted and your eyeglasses increase your eyes or myopic and your eyeglasses make your eyes seem smaller. Either way, Lisa says to use a light contemplative concealer like Clinique Airbrush to negate a shade that your eyeglasses can emanate underneath your eyes.

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Jennifer Lopez With Glasses — How To Expertly Wear Makeup With Glasses

For a rest of your eye makeup, Lisa says to make certain we mix your shade and ship to keep from formulating lines that are too severe. She also recommends regulating a waterproof mascara to keep it from rubbing off on your glasses, always curling your lashes initial so they don’t hold a glass. With heavier frames like a ones JLo wore, Lisa says we don’t need to worry as most about stuffing in your brows given they will be covered, though it’s critical to make certain they are good neat so any wandering hairs won’t be magnified by your glasses.

Do we follow any of these makeup tips when we wear your glasses?

— Marissa DeSantis