Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Amor Amor Amor’

Here we go again.

John Travolta is being indicted of intimately assaulting a masseuse in his hotel room 7 years ago.

Marky Hutt common his story on Twitter final month, claiming he was called to Travolta’s room during a Hyatt Hotel in Rochester, New York behind in 2010. Upon entering a room, Hutt says he found a actor exposed underneath a towel examination happy porn on his computer.

About median into a massage, Hutt alleges a Grease star “proceeded to massage my donkey and squeeze my crotch.” The masseuse says he regularly told a actor “NO” and let him know he was uncomfortable, to that Travolta allegedly responded by charity him some-more income to keep going.

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Hutt says he obeyed until a actor “eventually ejaculated” all over his jeans — justification a masseuse claims to have saved in a brownish-red paper bag to this day!

Hutt claims he afterwards told Travolta he was slicing a event short, causing a actor to go into his luggage and puncture out tighten to $2,000 in hush money. The masseuse says he contacted a internal military shortly after a encounter, though claims they “did NOTHING” about it.

Are we repelled by this? Read his full comment below:

[Image around Twitter/FayesVision/WENN.]