Jennifer Lopez Is Still Talking To Casper Smart On The Down Low

Jennifer Lopez Is Still Talking To Casper Smart On The Down Low

Jennifer Lopez has some explaining to do. It turns out that a thespian is still texting her ex-boyfriend Casper Smart. Jennifer Lopez has finally reliable her attribute with Alex Rodriguez on amicable media. The integrate do seem happy together. However, Alex Rodriguez has been allegedly saying another lady while dating Jennifer Lopez. And it turns out that she’s still articulate to her ex-boyfriend behind his back. What’s a deal?

The A-star integrate seems serious. Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship has been relocating during a quick pace. But, this is Hollywood and it’s standard for luminary relationships. The integrate even took their attribute to a subsequent turn by spending time in Paris together. There are reports that A-Rod due to J.Lo during their trip. There hasn’t been acknowledgment from possibly one. That’s substantially given Jennifer Lopez still hasn’t changed on from Casper Smart.

Life Style reported that J.Lo would adore to turn a “big, happy family” with Alex Rodriguez and his kids. She believes she will finally get a matrimony and family life she’s been wanting. Jennifer Lopez has no difficulty anticipating group after her relations end. She’s changed on fast via a years. She has a list of ex-boyfriends that rivals Taylor Swift’s already extensive list. In Touch Weekly formerly reported that Jennifer Lopez is still texting Casper Smart.

Jennifer Lopez Is Still Talking To Casper Smart On The Down Low

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart were in a critical attribute given 2011. They split ways in summer 2016. Jennifer Lopez was afterwards seen spending a lot of time with Drake in Las Vegas. It’s misleading because Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart pennyless adult in a initial place. Sources told In Touch that a exes speak constantly. They speak about her children and about life and adore in general. J.Lo’s kids still see Casper Smart as their stepfather.

It was rumored that Jennifer Lopez’s kids are not crazy about Alex Rodriguez. J.Lo took to Instagram to stifle those rumors. She common a print of them swimming happily with their kids in a pool. Jennifer Lopez has certified that she likes to stay on good terms with her exes. However, Casper Smart thinks he can woo her divided from her new beau. He’s still not over her, and still articulate to her won’t assistance matters.

What are your thoughts, CDL readers? Do we consider Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez will get married? Do we consider she will go behind to Casper Smart? Sound off next in a comments section.