Jennifer Lopez Afraid Alex Rodriguez is Cheating, Hires Private Investigator to Follow Him?

Apparently, there is a miss of trust between Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez. According to US Weekly, Jennifer Lopez has hired a private questioner to follow Alex Rodriguez whenever she is bustling operative or out of town. Jennifer wants to know accurately where Alex is and who he is with during all times.

This news is startling to fans of a appealing integrate who seem to get along so good and are always posting lovable cinema of any other on their amicable media, as good as their children from prior marriages. So, because is Jennifer Lopez so fearful Alex Rodriguez is intrigue on her? Well, it turns out a cocktail star and singer has good reason to be suspicious.

It was usually a few weeks ago that an purported mistress of Alex Rodriguez came brazen to explain she has been carrying a prolonged tenure event with a former ball player. Lauren Hunter, claimed that she and Alex Rodriguez had been carrying an on again, off again event for years and that Alex Rodriguez not usually cheated on singer Cameron Diaz with her, though also claimed that Alex was still perplexing to offshoot adult with her, notwithstanding a fact that he was now dating Jennifer Lopez.

Also adding to her guess that Alex Rodriguez competence not be infallible is a fact that he was famous for intrigue on his initial wife, Cynthia Scurtis. During their divorce, Cynthia Scurtis purported that Alex (who was a pro ball actor during a time) had countless affairs while he was roving during ball season. It was even purported that Alex had had an event with cocktail star Madonna while he and Cynthia Scurtis were married. Alex and Madonna even went open and had a brief attribute after his divorce was announced.

According to a source tighten to a couple, Alex found out about a private questioner and was nothing too happy with Jennifer, though he has motionless to continue with their relationship. The source claimed, “He found out and they had a outrageous fight. But they’re operative by it.” As for Jennifer, a source says, “She’s unequivocally into Alex and wants it to work. So she’s perplexing to control as most as she can.”

Of course, Jennifer Lopez also has a intrigue liaison in her past. She famously cheated on her second father with actor Ben Affleck and a dual were quickly intent before finale their relationship.

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images For Entertainment Weekly