Jennifer Hudson’s Ex Allegedly Shoved Her During Intense Argument, Says Police Report

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Truly a nightmare…

As we reported in mid-November, Jennifer Hudson separate and performed a protecting sequence opposite fiancé David Otunga, who is a father of their 8-year-old son David Daniel Otunga Jr. Later that month, The Voice decider willingly forsaken a confining order, and a dual have struck a proxy control agreement.

According to a military news performed by TMZ, a thespian and a I Love New York alum allegedly had a aroused confront that led to their authorised drama.

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In a early hours of Nov 16, a ex-couple initial began fighting over where their son would nap that night. Earlier that evening, Otunga was reportedly dissapoint since his son was spending time during a recording studio with a writer he believed was Jennifer’s new boyfriend. Apparently, he said, “Don’t have my son around your fucking boyfriend,” and threatened to “fuck him up” during a studio.

The news is presumably referencing producer Mali Music, yet it’s not reliable and Hudson denies any affair.

After David picked adult their son and took him to a bathroom, Jennifer followed. That’s when Otunga allegedly pushed her with both of his hands to get her out. Although she claims she stumbled back and called for her confidence guard, a ensure says he never listened her call.

The military news also references an purported occurrence in Apr 2017 where Hudson found Otunga in a kitchen, sitting subsequent to a gun. It incited out to be a fondle gun, and it was private from a house.

Despite these allegations, Otunga denies ever removing earthy with a musician.

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