Jennifer Garner Looking For New Boyfriend: Gets Sexy Makeover

Jennifer Garner Looking For New Boyfriend: Gets Sexy Makeover

Jennifer Garner is looking for a uninformed new start in her life now that she’s finally dumped Ben Affleck. The Hollywood singer recently sported a voluptuous new makeover as she’s creation it flattering transparent that she’s prepared for adore and a new boyfriend.

For Jennifer Garner, a final dual years haven’t been easy. She stood by Ben Affleck’s side while he was perplexing to arrange out his personal issues. Jennifer was stressed, undone and sleepy of all a play she had to understanding with and it showed in her appearance. She mostly looked frazzled and was photographed with soppy hair and no makeup on whenever she was out and about.

Now that Ben Affleck is out of a picture, Jen’s coming has changed. She no longer looks angry and has even gotten a new, voluptuous makeover and is profitable some-more courtesy to her wardrobe. In other words, Jen’s certainty is behind and it shows.

Ben Affleck is now dating Lindsay Shookus. For Jen, that’s good news since she doesn’t have to understanding with Ben’s day-to-day problems. It also means that she’s giveaway to finally date again and that’s something Jennifer Garner has been looking to do for utterly some time now. Sure, she’s a singular luminary mom with 3 tiny kids, yet she’s also in her prime. Her name is always in a headlines, she still has several projects in a tube and according to her fans, she’s never looked this good in her life.

Jennifer Garner Looking For New Boyfriend: Gets Sexy Makeover

For Jennifer Garner, she’s single, prepared to association and wants a universe to know it. She’s even attack a Hollywood celebration circuit and going out with her good friends like Chelsea Handler. Soon adequate Jen will conduct to find a new Hollywood beloved and when she does, everybody will be articulate about it. And if there’s one chairman that it will worry a most, it’ll be Ben Affleck. That’s since he’ll comprehend that he done a outrageous mistake by vouchsafing her go. And during a finish of a day, that’s what Jennifer wants him to feel.

Of course, Jennifer Garner is nonetheless to make any comments about her adore life or what she skeleton on doing in her destiny for that matter. It’s protected to contend yet that Ben Affleck won’t be a partial of it, though. In a meantime, don’t forget to check behind with CDL for all a latest news on Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck and all of your favorite celebs right here.

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images