Jennifer Garner & Chelsea Handler went to a same grill that Ben took Lindsay

This is removing ridiculous. Ben Affleck spectacularly debuted his “new” girlfriend, SNL writer Lindsay Shookus, when they went out for cooking in LA final Thursday night, during a grill called Giorgio Baldi (only one paparazzi group had those photos, they’re a ones with Lindsay in a fug floral top). On Monday they went out for coffee and thereafter that night they got pizza during a opposite Italian restaurant, where some-more photographers showed adult to request their goofy-looking mutual love and Ben’s stained gray t-shirt. My speculation yesterday was that Lindsay sloping off a paps given there were so many articles thereafter about what a cold chicky she was, along with quotes to People about how she’s not reckless and there was no affair. Some of we consider that Ben forced Jen’s hand, that is also a plain theory, generally given Giorgia Baldi is a paparazzi hotspot. Whether Ben “got outed” or “outed” himself, he’s rolling with it, and Jen is too. She’s had a lot of sourced quotes with Southern shade about how Ben can’t be alone, along with her side of a story confronting Lindsay about a affair. ET Online even has newer quotes from a source tighten to Jen that explain that a intrigue was unequivocally a procedure for a divorce. Here are those quotes and they do sound true from Jen:

According to a source, 45-year-old Garner also talked to Shookus’ ex-husband, Late Night With Seth Meyers supervising writer Kevin Miller, about a purported attribute when he constructed her shred during her coming on a uncover in Mar 2016.

“Kevin had listened rumors that there was something going on between Lindsay and Ben yet did not know many sum about a affair,” a source says. “Jen and Kevin had a review about a event and Jen told him everything…

“There were a garland of things that pennyless adult Ben and Jen’s marriage, yet intrigue was unequivocally a categorical cause that gathering Jen to finally leave him,” a source claims. “It’s something that was unequivocally formidable for Jen to understanding with.”

“Jen is perplexing to pierce on with her life. Jen is unequivocally strong,” a source says. “She is not broke about this during all. Jen isn’t focused on dating during a impulse — her series one priority is her children and creation certain they are OK during this.”

[From ET Online]

OK we get it, Ben is a intrigue dog. Many people will consternation what took Jen so prolonged yet I’m certain he woos a crap out of her and tells her a garland of lies when he gets held and she believes it. It’s been dual years given a nanny though, and that was a lowest of a low. Maybe she should have cut attract behind thereafter (or unequivocally approach before then) yet maybe she thinks she did that by kicking him out of a house, we don’t know. She never had clever bounds with Ben.

Anyway in box we were still wondering how Jen feels about Ben stepping out with his new piece, final night she went to a same grill where Ben and Lindsay got outed as a couple, Giorgio Baldi. Jen’s date was Chelsea Handler. Chelsea needs a new famous lady to glom onto now that Jennifer Aniston has reportedly crony dumped her, so we can design Chelsea to make sh-tty jokes about Lindsay Shookus next. we can’t find any photos of Chelsea and Jen G together before to this, and we don’t consider they were friends.

Do we consider this was Chelsea’s thought and that Jen only went along with it? Maybe this was organised by their people, given Jen is repped by CAA and Chelsea was with them as good adult until a few months ago. This seems like something one of a Huvane brothers would prepare up, like “how humorous would it be if…” It’s not funny, it’s only petty, that seems to impersonate everybody concerned in this PR disaster of a marriage. Your move, Lindsay and Ben.

Earlier in a day Garner stopped for ice cream with her daughter, Seraphina, and got a parking ticket. Who looks happy removing a parking ticket?

photos credit: Backgrid