Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, & Alec Baldwin Are Just A Few Celebs Burned In Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Mean Tweets!

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Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel‘s Mean Tweets, we know that celebrities can change in how they take Twiticism.

Some stars, like Jennifer Aniston and Kumail Nanjiani, take a Twitter abuse to heart and can even lash out during their attackers.

Other actresses like Kristen Bell and Jennifer Lawrence giggle it off and acknowledge a brutally honest twitter is substantially true. (Especially those about J.Law giving aloof handjobs.)

Video: Jimmy Praises John McCain For Killing Graham-Cassidy Bill

As for Alec Baldwin, reading nasty tweets ends with a unhappy demeanour into a camera, wondering because Donald Trump is doing a improved pursuit as a Twitter goblin than a universe leader. Sigh…

Ch-ch-check out a latest book of Mean Tweets (below)!

[Image around ABC.]

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