Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd of ‘Big Brother’ Make Big Gender Reveal For Baby No. 2

Jeff Schroeder and Jordan Lloyd met and fell in adore on Big Brother. These dual took a while to get married, yet it turns out that they now have their second baby on a way. They were already formulation a marriage when Jordan got profound with their initial son, they only went forward and tied a knot. Us Weekly common a sum about Jeff and Jordan’s large gender reveal. 

Jeff and Jordan did a large exhibit on Daily Blast Live. They are awaiting another boy! The integrate already has one son Lawson, who will be dual in October. The co-host on this YouTube array got a possibility to theory if it was a child or a girl. They did it by picking an egg that was possibly blue or pinkish formed on what they suspicion a sex of a baby would be. 

Fun night during a @nhlblackhawks with a fam even yet we lost. 👪+👶🏼🏒 @bbjordanlloyd

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If they got a right egg, afterwards it was hard-boiled, yet if they got a wrong egg, afterwards it was a tender egg. They took a eggs and strike themselves on a physique to see if it would moment or not. Everyone with a pinkish egg of march burst and a blue eggs didn’t, that means they are awaiting a boy! Jordan had a blue egg and Jeff had a pinkish one. So of course, Jeff should have finished adult removing lonesome in a tender egg. Instead, he kept his egg in his palm and didn’t strike himself with a egg, so he stayed clean. It was apparent that he contingency have already famous it was going to be a child before a reveal.

First of all we wish to contend appreciate we to a whole @dailyblastlive organisation for participating!! we adore y’all. If y’all missed it, we are carrying a BOY!!💙💙 Lawson’s going to be a good Big brother!!

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Jordan is 19 weeks into her pregnancy. She recently common an refurbish that said, “#19weekspregnant we already feel like a cow. we feel like this baby is going to be big!! This week we have had so most vigour on my reduce stomach, some pointy heedfulness (I had them with Lawson since all is stretching), my reduce behind hurts, my bust are so bruise (1st trimester they didn’t even hurt)!! My jeans do not fit anymore now we need to find some maternity pants.” She is about median there. 

For now, fans can’t wait to accommodate their new small boy. It will be engaging to see if Jeff and Jordan confirm to have some-more children and keep perplexing for a lady or if they stop during their dual small boys. 

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