Jeff Lewis’s Journey to Fatherhood: From Hearing Baby’s Heartbeat to Being Sued by His Surrogate

Flipping Out star Jeff Lewis and his partner, Gage Edward, are “devastated” after news pennyless on Tuesday that a broker who carried their now-19-month-old daughter, Monroe Christine, is suing them, as good as Bravo, and Authentic Entertainment, a prolongation association of their show, claiming she never consented that a network could film her delivering a baby.

In papers performed by PEOPLE, Alexandra Trent claims they filmed her vagina nonetheless accede and that Lewis and Edward had privately flustered her by making “disgusting” comments on a show. She is seeking indemnification for wrong recording, advance of remoteness and fraud.

Reps for Bravo did not respond to PEOPLE’s ask for comment, nonetheless Lewis, 48, told PEOPLE that a lawsuit took he and Edward by surprise.

“This is like a blow to a head. We are totally blindsided by this,” Lewis said, around phone. “We are only devastated. I suspicion we had a good relationship, a friendship. We treated her like an extended member of a family. So we can suppose this is flattering stunning.”

The existence stars documented their tour to fatherhood by surrogacy over several seasons of their show. Here, a demeanour behind during how they started their family — from their happy initial assembly with Trent to a rush to a smoothness room and skeleton for baby series two.

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Season 8, Episode 8: Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward’s First Meeting with Alexandra Trent


Edward and Lewis, along with his longtime series two, Jenni Pulos, met with Trent over cooking in deteriorate 8, part 8. Edward described her as “just perfect” and “a good person.” While Lewis didn’t utterly uncover his hand, he did send he was told she had “a pleasing uterus.”

Trent, who during a time already had dual children, 3 years and 6 months, also told a organisation her ground for wanting to be a surrogate. “I’ve grown adult with a lot of happy couples around me and a lot of them who I’ve seen onslaught with starting families. we consider it’s unfair, so we wish to change a personification field.”


Season 9, Episode 1: Lewis and Edward Decide Whose Baby Trent Will Carry


The story picks adult in deteriorate nine, when Lewis and Edward have staid on Trent as their broker and are determining that embryos to use in their try to get pregnant. Despite, a rather clinical conversation, a routine clearly strikes a chord with Lewis, who wonders, “I meant I’d like to consider I’m going to be a good parent, nonetheless I’m certain I’m gonna make lots of mistakes. We should only have dual in box we f— adult a initial one.”

Jeff also reveals he wants to use his embryos initial given he’s older, during 48, than his partner.

Season 9, Episode 2: The Embryo Is Implanted


In a unequivocally subsequent episode, viewers see a soon-to-be trusting dads watch from behind a wall of potion as a group of doctors get prepared to make Jeff’s embryo. He jokes that he bets they get it wrong and use a wrong one all a time to an already concerned Edward.

They lay in a watchful area, as a medical staff in a procession room can be listened saying, “Jeffrey Thomas Lewis, one bud series 14” and “Let’s make it happen. Here it goes.”


Season 9, Episode 5: Lewis and Edward Hear Their Baby’s Heartbeat for a First Time



After a successful procedure, a fathers-to-be have their initial ultrasound with Trent, where they got a demeanour during their baby and a listen to her heartbeat. Lewis has an unusually romantic reaction. After primarily observant a baby didn’t demeanour like much, he’s clearly awed by a sound of her heart. “When we listened a heart beat, that was cool. That’s when we was like, okay, there’s a baby in there.”

They also get a warn when a alloy lets them know there is a second gestational sac, and Trent says, “I kind of felt like that competence be a case.” Of course, as it turns out, a integrate learns they are not, in fact, awaiting twins.


Season 9, Episode 6: Ultrasound Number Two Puts a Smile on Lewis’s Face



Lewis and Edward missed their second ultrasound in part 6 of a season. “We were unhappy we couldn’t be there,” says Lewis, who jokes he “should be means to make it” to a birth. They video discuss with a alloy and Trent during their appointment and watch their baby girl, afterwards only a few centimeters long, relocating around. “She’s dancing, we think,” Lewis says, as a call ends with both dads smiling.


Season 9, Episode 10: As a Baby Grows, Things Get Real for Lewis



At another ultrasound, Edward explains of his partner’s greeting to a experience, “I’ve been vehement given a heartbeat, we consider Jeff . . . he’s now unequivocally saying it. Every time, it becomes some-more and some-more real.”

“I was like holy s—. We’re carrying a baby. That’s a baby,” says Lewis. “This only got real. It’s exciting.”


Season 10, Episode 1: Lewis and Edward Stress About Getting to a Hospital as a Due Date Approaches



As their due date gets closer, a integrate comprehend being benefaction for their daughter’s birth is some-more difficult than they expected. Trent lives in Chico, in Northern California, and they will need to fly there as fast as probable when they find out she’s in labor.

“I can’t suppose where we only couldn’t get adult there and she was only innate and we’re not a initial people to accommodate a daughter. It’s only a calamity that runs over and over in my head, that we would skip a birth,” says Edward.


Season 10, Episode 3: Trent Goes Into Labor


They finally get a news that Trent’s labor is approaching while out to eat with Jeff’s family, and make a call to conduct to Chico.

Clips of a birth part have been private from, nonetheless Lewis and Edward did make it to Trent’s birthing apartment in time and were there to welcome Monroe Christine on Oct 25, 2016.

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“At 4:22pm today, we grew up. Welcome Monroe Christine Lewis,” Lewis wrote in a Facebook post during a time.

Despite a authorised play now surrounding their initial delivery, he announced on his SiriusXM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, in Oct that a integrate is already perplexing for baby series two with a new surrogate. This time around he said, they’ll use Edward’s embryo, a boy.

“So hopefully we are going to have a boy,” Lewis announced. “Not nonetheless though, we’re not profound yet.”