JAY-Z Calls Out Donald Trump: ‘I’m Not Fearful… We’ve Been Through So Much More Than This Guy’

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Good for you, JAY-Z!!!

The rapper came out in a BBC talk this week with some really clever comments opposite a mortal presidency of Donald Trump, going in on a male in a approach we can usually wish some-more people see!!!

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Speaking to horde Clara Amfo in an talk that primarily lonesome song and his family life, JAY-Z but did hold on a amicable issues unconditional opposite a universe — and namely, a things surrounding Trump’s exposed prejudice and bad judgment.

Jay refused to even call a boss by name, instead opting to say, in partial (below):

“This guy, I’m looking during him like, man, this is a joke, with all… we can’t even contend with all due respect. With all disrespect. we only consider that, we know, he’s not a really worldly man, generally when it comes to a thought of ‘until everybody is free, no one is free.’ Period. That’s only a fact. We are all related some kind of way. So if we annoy a certain people, everybody is in danger. That’s only … karmically and in genuine life. If I’m being oppressed and we have this big, good palace with all this, I’m entrance inside there. That’s gonna happen, that’s only how life is. So on only a unsentimental level, that only creates sense. On a devout and karmic level, if we’re all children of God, afterwards we’re all brothers and sisters, and during some point, if you’re doing that to your brother, afterwards that can’t last.”

Well said!!!

You can watch a whole interview, and hear some-more of JAY-Z’s difference and opinions on Trump and politics in America, by examination a whole video right here (below):


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