Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox’s divorce is disorderly and he claims she’s a drug addict

In a papers filed Mar 10, Mohr, 46, is requesting solitary earthy control of their five-year-old son, Meredith Daniel Cox Mohr, and corner authorised custody, with Cox receiving “reasonable visitation with Meredith, that shall be professionally monitored.”

Since filing divorce docs in December, Mohr claims that he and Cox “have continued to reside in a same residence” with their son, yet alleges that their “living conditions has turn intensely treacherous and untenable; and, a son is suffering.”

“Based on a a augmenting feeling in a home, Nikki’s ongoing refusal to attend her mental health issues … her abuse of drugs, and her disaster to honour boundaries, we had no choice yet to obtain swap housing for me and a son,” a papers read.

Mohr, who has been married to Cox for roughly 10 years, claims that “Nikki’s mental health issues continue to go untreated. … she continues to denote that she is unqualified of caring for Meredith,” a docs read. He also alleges that she left ovens on while she and their son were during home asleep; backdoors were left open during night for their dogs to go in and out; and administered a double sip of their son’s medication, that caused him to puke in a center of a night.

The actor primarily filed for divorce from Cox in Jul 2016, yet called off a divorce only 6 days after filing a documents.

“I primarily filed a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage on Jul 19, 2016 and sought ex parte control orders formed on my concerns per Meredith’s reserve and Nikki’s mental health. My concerns included, yet were not singular to, a following facts: Nikki abused drugs, she frequency left her sealed bedroom (there were times when Nikki would go 2 full days but saying Meredith even yet we were all in a same house); She was an insomniac who would stay watchful for days during a time; she threatened to take her possess life on during slightest dual (2) occasions; and she is incompetent to expostulate (she never performed her driver’s license),” a papers read.

According to Mohr, a justice denied his ex parte requests and he and his mother “attempted to residence a concerns set forth” in a Jul 19, 2016 declaration.

“Prior to this retraction proceeding, Nikki was absent from Meredith’s life. To this day, she has never spent twenty-four hours alone with Meredith and has relegated many of Meredith’s caring to me and Meredith’s nanny,” a docs read. “To her credit, given Jul 2016, Nicki has been reduction absent from Meredith’s life. However, as set onward in serve fact below, Nikki’s remarkable participation in Meredith’s life has caused confusion, ensuing in Meredith exhibiting signs of regression, both during home and in propagandize (he is starting to have lavatory accidents via a day) … His function is deteriorating both during propagandize and with his therapists.”