Jason Lewis Is ‘Running Wild’; Kieth Merrill To Direct ‘The Final Service’; Bognonavich Is ‘Day As Night’ – Film Briefs

Jason Lewis (Sex and a City) has taken a lead masculine purpose conflicting Dorian Brown in Running Wild, from Forrest Lucas and Ali Afshar’s newly launched ESX Entertainment. The film follows Stella Davis (Brown), a widow who saves her plantation by operative with convicts to rehabilitate a flock of furious horses that wandered on to her property. Stella contingency quarrel prejudice, greed, bureaucracy and self-centredness – including her possess – to finally know that there is no improved pill to set-back than assisting another vital creature. Stone will play a categorical ‘villain’ role, Meredith.

Sharon Stone will seem as a primary antagonist, while Sons of Anarchy‘s Tommy Flanagan will play one of a convicts. Alex Ranarivelo leads from a book by Christina Moore and Brian Rudnick. Shooting starts this week in Napa, CA. ESX is financing and producing, with Lucas and Afshar on as producers and Moore as co-producer. Lewis is repped by Don Buchwald and Silver Lining.

merrill_KiethKieth Merrill will approach and rewrite a book for The Final Service, formed on a arriving novel by Gary W. Moore. Focused on Sandy Richards, a 40 year aged song teacher, a story follows her as her shop-worn patrimonial attribute and emptied dreams move her to a margin of self destruction. An astonishing revisit shakes a core of her belieges and changes her life forever. The novel will be expelled in May, 2016 by Savas Beatie LLC. Merrill’s credits embody Windwalker, Harry’s War, Amazon, 12 Dogs of Christmas and recently Four Blood Moons. Timothy Christian’s Night Fox Entertainment is producing The Final Service.

51436019AS001_peterDirector Peter Bogdanovich has taken a executive purpose in neo-noir Day For Night, from executive Michael Chrisoulakis. The Los Angeles-set film, saved interjection to a successful crowdfunding campaign, is created by Guy Jackson. Bogdanovich will play a puzzling hypnotherapist named “Vedor, PH.D”. It’s constructed by Kimmie Yan, Kate Rees-Davis, and Camilla Jackson. Stefan Coulson is executive of photography. Lin Shaye also stars. Bogdanovich is repped by CAA and Radius Entertainment.