Jason Biggs’ Son Lazlo Laughs for a First Time for American Pie ‘Grandfather’ Eugene Levy

Jason Biggs is deliberate by many to be one of a funniest actors in Hollywood, though according to his baby son Lazlo, American Pie star Eugene Levy deserves a honor.

While Levy, 71, isn’t technically 3-month-old Lazlo’s grandfather, it is protected to contend that given Levy played Biggs’ father in American Pie he’s already partial of a family.

Jenny Mollen, 38, common a honeyed photo on Instagram Monday of Biggs, 39, Levy and Lazlo during a revisit that Levy paid to a new family of four.

The couple’s oldest son, Sid, 3½, was eating an apple, that Mollen joked was “purely coincidental,” referring a rather suacy stage in American Pie when Bigg’s impression was hold carrying a private impulse with an apple cake by his on-screen father.

“Jason’s father stopped by to accommodate a baby. ( a apple is quite coincidental),” she wrote in a caption.

Laz’s initial LOL. we couldn’t make him laugh, so we had to move in a large guns.

A post common by Jason Biggs (@biggsjason) on Jan 22, 2018 during 3:13pm PST

Biggs also common an darling video of Lazlo carrying his initial giggle as Levy hold on to his little fists.

“Laz’s initial LOL. we couldn’t make him laugh, so we had to move in a large guns,” Biggs captioned a video.

“Are we kidding?” she pronounced in a video as her son giggled during Levy’s antics.

Mollen and Biggs welcomed their second child in October, that a integrate documented on amicable media.

During her pregnancy, Mollen was open about traffic with placenta previa and sophistry a toddler. She frequently common counterpart selfies while bare to uncover her flourishing baby strike and changing body, even joking in one instance, writing, “Can we keep a boobs?” in a heading of a before-and-after shot.

“It’s official! I’ve outgrown a mirror,” wrote the Live Fast Die Hot author on another exposed snap, taken in a lavatory during 38 weeks pregnant.