Jana Kramer’s Daughter Takes a Drink Out of a Doggie Bowl After Building Dog House with Dad

Forget man’s best crony — Jana Kramer‘s daughter is one with a pups.

On Wednesday, a nation thespian and singer documented a small construction plan function in her backyard as her father Mike Caussin — with whom she recently renewed her marriage vows —  and their daughter Jolie Rae, 2 this month, built a residence for a family’s dual dogs.

And after a prolonged day being “Daddy’s small helper,” Jolie motionless to take a break and quench her lust — with H2O from a dog bowl.

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Mike Caussin and daughter Jolie

Mike Caussin and daughter Jolie


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“Jolie, what are we doing?” Kramer asks her daughter as Jolie continues to drink. “Are we doing what a doggies do?”

“Yes,” Jolie replies before soon commencement to splash from a dog play again.

“You’re not a doggy,” Kramer continues, joking that she’ll uncover this video to her daughter’s destiny boyfriends.

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Kramer formerly told PEOPLE that while she loves branch to her fans for suggestions on motherhood, she — like many luminary moms — has already faced her satisfactory share of mommy shamers.

“I know everybody has an opinion; everybody has a right to an opinion,” she said, though combined that she found it vitriolic when haters make comments and critiques on matters that she hadn’t welcomed opinions on in a initial place.

“What frustrates me is when they consider they know something better,” Kramer added. “Unwarranted recommendation is not what moms want.”

Such a unapproachable mommy impulse 😂. God we adore this girl. Constantly creates me smile. #mygirl

A post common by Jana Kramer (@kramergirl) on Jan 11, 2018 during 9:56am PST

Jana Kramer and daughter Jolie

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But that doesn’t meant Kramer doesn’t conclude the recommendation she has asked for from her fans. The 34-year-old combined that she had formerly requested some assistance in creation certain Jolie got a improved night’s sleep.

“One of a fans pronounced to put lavender oil on a bottoms of her feet, so we did and she slept by a night,” pronounced a mom of one.

“I don’t even know if it was that or she was only so sleepy from not sleeping a 3 days before, though [I use] lavender oil each night now,” Kramer continued.