Jana Kramer Tearfully Recalls Miscarriages, Reveals Embryo Before Current Pregnancy Was a Boy

Though Jana Kramer conceived her baby on a way naturally, she endured many struggles and perplexing times after 4 unsuccessful in vitro fertilization attempts.

“I wish to be as open and honest and tender as probable and that’s because I’m doing this. we wanted to uncover we guys my tour of apropos pregnant,” a profound nation star, 34, pronounced in her latest vlog about a preference to open adult about her past pregnancies with father Mike Caussin.

“When Mike and we initial got together, we were carrying difficulty conceiving, so we went to a doctors and started a routine of IVF. We had usually 3 embryos and we implanted a dual embryos. we finished adult removing profound though we had a very, unequivocally early chemical loss,” she pronounced of her initial miscarriage.

Fortunately, a integrate perceived good news when “very shortly after, we indeed got profound naturally with Jolie,” Kramer pronounced of her now-2-year-old daughter Jolie Rae.

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Jana Kramer

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To Kramer’s surprise, she was profound naturally again only “four or 5 months after” she gave birth to Jolie. “It was a lot earlier than we wanted to though we was still really, unequivocally happy. But we ended adult losing that baby around 7 and a half weeks,” a mom of one pronounced of her second miscarriage.

“Then Michael and we got profound final Oct but after that miscarriage, Mike and we said, ‘We still have a child embryo, because don’t we only give it a try?’ This was a IVF tour with a unequivocally final bud we had,” Kramer common before a array of home videos display a routine of progesterone shots and doctors appointments.

“Because I’ve through 3 times, we only don’t wish to contend anything. I’m perplexing to be confident though it’s only hard,” a thespian certified before she tearfully announced her fourth miscarriage in another video.

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The ups and downs of her IVF routine eventually led to her stream pregnancy, that Kramer confirmed exclusively to PEOPLE in June.

“Just like Jolie, a subsequent pregnancy, we got profound again [naturally]. we don’t know if my complement indispensable some of a IVF medicines to reason my pregnancy, I’m not unequivocally sure. But we are profound now. we am roughly 19 weeks,” Kramer pronounced in her vlog.

“The times that I’ve through after Jolie, we only remember looking during her like, ‘Man, I’m so propitious to have her,’ ” a soon-to-be mom of dual added.

Though she would adore for Jolie to have a baby sister, Kramer previously told PEOPLE, “Honestly, during this point, we only wish a healthy baby.”