Jana Kramer Reflects on Her Miscarriages, Shows Off New Baby Bump

Things are unequivocally looking adult for Jana Kramer lately. The thespian and singer has one daughter with father Mike Caussin. After a severe time in their marriage, a integrate is behind together and she is awaiting their second child together. Jana has been seen on One Tree Hill and also Dancing With a StarsUs Weekly shared how Jana Kramer is now reflecting on her miscarriages and also display off her new baby strike to fans. 

Back in June, Jana common a news about a baby on a approach saying, “Surprise! We have a rainbow baby on a approach couldn’t be some-more excited! Jolie is going to be a large sister we’re apropos a family of 4!” The integrate has been unequivocally vehement about it and they had been perplexing for another child for a while. 

Jana Kramer does have one small girl, though she has struggled with flood over a years. Before she had her daughter Jolie, she mislaid dual embryos that had been ingrained around IVF. Then she had Jolie, who is now two-years-old. After carrying Jolie, she afterwards mislaid another baby when she was 7 and a half weeks old. On her podcast Jana done it sound like she also mislaid another baby before removing profound this time around. 

She now has a podcast called Whine Down and Jana recently common sum of her miscarriages on this podcast, not holding back.

“It’s usually such a frightful routine since it’s a loyal spectacle … we mean, it seems so easy, when we demeanour during some people, though other time’s it’s like, it’s a miracle. It’s been a tough journey. We mislaid a final dual pregnancies, so it’s been unequivocally tough.”

Things are unequivocally looking adult for Jana Kramer now. Her pregnancy seems to be going good and her matrimony is behind on track. She does credit a Ava bracelet and Jana done certain to contend this isn’t usually an advertisement. Several people from Bachelor Nation have been posting about this bracelet as well. 

Such a fun morning fire with @avawomen. A lot of we have asked if it’s usually an ad or if it unequivocally worked and this post is not an ad. It’s to contend we devoted @avawomen and we finished adult with this honeyed bump. So perpetually thankful. Makeup/Hair by @emmawillismakeup Dress by @astarswomens

A post common by Jana Kramer (@kramergirl) on Jul 13, 2018 during 1:43pm PDT

A lot of people have dealt with flood issues over a years, though they aren’t always totally open about it. The fact that Jana is open creates people know that they aren’t a usually one traffic with this emanate and maybe have wish that they can finish adult carrying a healthy pregnancy and child in a destiny as well.

Are we astounded that Jana Kramer is being so open about her flood struggle? Sound off in a comments next on your thoughts.